Sales and Marketing Executive

We are looking for a result-driven individual with the ability and network base to find and convert leads. Successful candidates will create and maintain partnerships with brands from various industries. The ultimate goal is to uncover new advertising opportunities and other revenue streams, which is why it is important to have the persistence and passion to build our brand in the industry.

What you will be doing:
– Responsible for marketing operations, including finding new advertorial clients and maintaining the relationship/ accounts
– Writing proposals and participation confirmation forms
– Business development: provide strategic values that align with iD’s business growth initiatives
– Devise, execute and analyze marketing and public relation campaigns
– Submit a weekly report at the end of the week on prospect and follow up status
– Plan and manage promotional marketing events
– Work with our social manager and web developer to devise and execute SEO and social media campaigns
– Attend events on behalf of iD

Required skills:
– Minimum 2 years of experience in media sales industry
– Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal skills
– Good level of English
– Bachelor’s degree in a related field
– Quick, efficient and willing to take initiatives

– Flexible working hours, meaning you are welcome to come to the office any
time on any day of the week. (You are expected to be reachable during work hours. Your attendance in all internal marketing/editorial meetings and during printing deadline is mandatory)
– Permission to use the company’s driver and courier to deliver iD magazines to your prospects prior to meeting schedule
– Permission to use to the company car to travel to meetings and other work-related engagements outside the office. (Driver availability is variable, otherwise travel expenses will be reimbursed)
– Business cards with your contact information and an email address with your name in iD domain
– Leave of 12 working days per year
– Health insurance (standard as our other team in PT. Tatanan Daya Prima)

To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to

By applying, you certify that all the information you provide Indonesia Design is correct to the best of your knowledge. Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We regret to inform that only qualified individuals will be contacted.