10 Amazing Interior Design Elements to Enhance Your Home


No one wants their home to look dull. Everyone wants their home to look stunning. In that case, be creative with your interior design. Add something new to the picture. Be bold about it, and play with something unusual. Bring some of your signature styles to it to represent you. You can go as wild as you want with your design, as long as it works with the aspect you have at your house. Here are 10 ideas you can try to put the excitement back to your home.

Stairs or Stacked Up Cabinets?

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If you have stairs at your house, add some built-in cabinets to it. Not only is it an effective way to save some room, but it also adds a unique functional decoration to the side of your stairs. A great addition to your home’s interior design. You will feel like you are walking at the top of stacked cabinets every time you go up and down the stairs. Fun, right? The great thing about this is you will have a lot of storage space since stairs usually have a lot of space under it. You don’t have to worry about storage space anymore!

Add Colours with Stained Glass

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Have a part of your house where sunlight always shines in, but you don’t like how it makes your home too bright and hot? Put up some stained glass as your window, and it will cool down your house. The colourful pattern of the glass dims the sunlight and will add a touch of brightness to your home. Especially when the sun is shining through it. Some patterned shadows will be projected inside your house. You find yourself feeling like living at a castle in the medieval times.

Put a Family Tree in the Living Room

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Get creative and make a tree branch decal wallpaper for your living room. Litter the tree with your family portraits, and you will have yourself a family tree. This will help you liven up your minimalist interior design, and add personal elements into the empty wall in your home.

Put up a Safety Net

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There is a fun way of using that big open space above your stairs on the second floor of your house; get yourself a net, install it at the opening, and you will have yourself a safety net-style hammock. Perfect for reading a book or just chilling out while feeling like floating above your stairs. This will remove the need for a fence around the opening above the stairs. A fun addition to the home!

TreeHouse Inside a House

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Create a fun room for your kid by building a Tree House inside their bedroom. Not an actual treehouse, but a bed with a treehouse frame. It definitely will satisfy your kid’s desire for a treehouse. The elevated bed provides more room to put other stuff such as sofas pr a study area under the treehouse. Your kid will feel like having a kingdom to rule and a spacious room to play and study for sure.

Re-purposing Items is Always a Good Idea

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Recycle your unused stuff into something useful for your daily use! You can use something like an old step ladder as a shelf for your living room, or a wooden ladder for a kitchen rack, and many more. It will add a vintage vibe into your interior design. Why go through all the trouble of searching expensive new furniture when you can utilise unused things and save some money?

Wallpaper Keeps Boring Away

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Some parts of our house sometimes are too mundane or too ordinary to be tinkered with sophisticated interior design. The solution is using wallpaper to liven up the space. You will be surprised at how significant wallpaper affects an area. You can make a transition room like a hallway more welcoming and lively just by adding some wallpaper with an ivory white brick pattern or gradation of colours. Wallpaper can even be a great conversation starter!

Old And New are Best Buds

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You don’t have to throw out your old inherited stuff and antiques to have a modern-style home. You can incorporate your modern home with your antique collection. After all, old and new were never enemies. They compliment each other very well. Even better, they enhance each other's looks. All you need is to be creative on how to blend them both.

Invite Nature Into Your Home


Bring in some nature by using indoor plants for your home and big windows to let some sunlight in. Plants are perfect for adding a tropical and lively atmosphere and will provide you with fresh air as they are natural air purifiers. Big windows will have your home filled with natural light, and nothing is better than natural light. This will have you feeling like you're on vacation at a tropical villa.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

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Make your small home feel spacious by adding some mirrors. Mirrors are usually used in interior design as a way to enhance the sense of space and light. Small rooms such as the closet can be made to feel spacious and bright by adding some full-length mirrors inside as the wardrobe sliding door. Empty walls added by a full-length mirror, too, can create a sense of space. This is because of the reflective property of the mirror creates an illusion of space by reflecting the room, and all of its stuff. Guaranteed, you will never feel confined in your home, but be sure not to break any mirrors or walk into one.

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