10 Indonesian Boutique Hotels Worth Checking Out


A unique experience, intimate customer service, and stylish design are some of the things boutique hotels can offer to a customer. Not something you usually find in an average hotel. Being it's a smaller kind of hotel with only 10 to 100 rooms, boutique hotels tend to go all out with its design to make it unique and allows them to have a more personal approach. Some even have a different design for each of the hotel rooms. A boutique hotel usually is themed, some of them go with culture, some maybe go for more a luxurious one, and some go with art. These kinds of hotels aim to give their guests an unforgettable experience during their stay and promise them a whole new experience. Here are 10 Indonesian boutique hotels that are worth checking out.

Couleur Hotel, Jakarta

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Filled with earth tones all over, Couleur Hotel is a nature-themed hotel. They adopt the concept of five elements in nature, which are water, air, earth, fire, and living things. The unique thing about this hotel is that they only have 18 rooms, each having a unique design. No room is the same, and they are kept secret from the guest. The guest can only check-in but cannot pick the room aside from the room type. A new design awaits at every check-in.

Morrissey, Jakarta

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This boutique hotel will surely feed your dream of living in an apartment. Being a former apartment building, Morrissey took it as the theme of the hotel and combined it with a modern industrial concept. Providing the guests with a fully furnished apartment-like room, complete with a kitchenette, DVD player, mini-fridge, and other household stuff you usually find in a private apartment. This apartment-themed hotel provides free self-laundry on the 3rd floor of the hotel. Morrissey's homey ambiance will surely make you feel right at home.

Katamama Hotel, Bali

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Indulge yourself in this ethnic-modern boutique hotel where you are greeted with some handcrafted hospitality throughout the hotel. Curated local handicraft products are used in every aspect of the hotel, offering you the authentic beauty of local craftsmanship. With only 58 suites available, you will feel the luxury and the richness of the Indonesian Culture through a contemporary approach as every room is filled with fantastic local handicraft that will take your breath away.

Artotel Thamrin, Jakarta

Source: wego.co.id

Artotel Thamrin is infuses art into the hotel with a modern and urban concept. Collaborating with eight talented contemporary artists, the hotel has eight floors with each floor representing one artist with its own style. Guests can immerse themselves in the artistic atmosphere of the hotel and enjoy its creative hospitality. It's the perfect boutique for art lovers and a medium for a talented artists to express themselves uniquely.

Yats Colony, Jogjakarta

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This urban-minimalist resort with a contemporary design is stored away amid Jogjakarta's hullabaloo. Yats Colony boutique hotel is a nature-friendly hotel by using a recyclable products and local handicraft as one of its central aspects. It has a tropical vibe, too, as it is filled with tropical plants that decorate the majority of the hotel. The combination of modern, contemporary, tropical, and with a hint of cultural touch will make it a great escape from the bustling city-life of Jogjakarta.

Oliver's Hostelry, Bandung

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Do you like music? The design of every room in this hotel is inspired by a song. Song titles is used for room names, and the room will represent the song lyrics and its ambience through the decorations. 18 rooms means 18 songs that are picked from various genres and decades. Another thing about Oliver's Hostelry is that breakfast is served in bed, so you can enjoy immersing yourself in your favourite song, literally speaking.

Bisma Eight, Bali

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Incorporating its natural surroundings, Bisma Eight is a perfect place to relax and have a peaceful stay. A Japanese concept, Tadao Ando, inspires this boutique hotel. It has three types of suites based on the scenery; garden suites, canopy suites, and forest suites. The signature part of this hotel is the wooden barrel bathtub, a little touch of Japanese culture to excite your experience. But it still has some Indonesian touch with the usage of local Indonesian furniture for the room's interiors.

Noor Hotel, Bandung

Source: destinasibandung.co.id

You don't have to go all the way to Turkey to experience its design style; Noor Hotel can help you with that. Dominated by blue and white with some furniture imported straight from Turkey, that authentic Turkish ambiance is strongly felt. Noor Hotel is a Syariah hotel, which runs Islamic-based principles. There is no alcohol and pork-related culinary served, only halal food is allowed to be served. But the perks are that this hotel will serve delicious eastern specialty dishes that will leave you wanting more. One note about this hotel, it only allows guests to stay with their only muhrim, or in other words, if they are a married couple, family, or the same gender.

Tama Boutique Hotel, Bandung

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The first thing you notice about this place is that the lobby is not located on the ground floor, but rather at the rooftop level accompanied by a beautiful sky lounge. Bandung's breathtaking view will greet you while checking into the hotel. Tama boutique hotel is a Korean-themed hotel. You can see it clearly within its room design. In one corner of the room, there is a wooden window bar with a drawing at the back of it, resembling a Korean traditional house window. The food here is Korean based too. Probably the best place for experiencing Korean style on your vacation.

Stevie G Hotel, Bandung

Source: agoda.com

This one is a random themed boutique hotel. Located in the hills, its a perfect place to hide away from Bandung's hustle and bustle. Every room is unique with it's specific design, but there is no particular main theme for the hotel. Staying here will give you a sense of relaxation and tranquility due to being surrounded by nature and a lot of fresh air with a great view. But it still has that quirky vibe from the design of the place and the famous goat statue at the receptionist.

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