12 Best Luxury Kitchen Design Remodeling Ideas For Every Layout (2020)


As time goes on, we have all come to a conclusion that land is becoming a rare commodity, so naturally it is getting tough to find a vast area to build a spacious house on, especially in urban cities. That being said, not everyone can afford to have a spacious kitchen in their homes. That’s why various kitchen layouts are often used to overcome the lack of space. If you’re currently planning to do a kitchen makeover and money is not a top concern, you’ll most likely want to explore every option there is for luxury kitchens. Worry no more, we are here to present you twelve best luxury kitchen design remodeling ideas that work for every layout.

Invest in Long Lasting Cabinetry

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The most prominent and, oftentimes, costliest element in any kitchen is the cabinetry. Kitchen cabinetry is all about investment, so make sure you get the best in terms of quality. You would want your cabinet to last as long as ever, so shoot as high as your budget allows you to and choose the ones with classic, high-quality materials and workmanship.

Add a Touch of Gold

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Gold is a symbol of luxury, so don’t even think twice to use it as décor for your design. Use it in the form of gold lacquer for your overhead cabinets, throw a splash of it over your dining chairs, or spread it over your countertops as ornaments. Guaranteed it would enhance the luxurious impression for your one-wall kitchen.

Paint with Different Shades

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For the confined galley kitchen, a game of soft colours is crucial to give a chic and spacious feel. Try painting a warm colour palette onto the wall, the ceiling and the cabinetry with different shades on every surface.

Use Edgy Artworks for Visual Points

Image source: architecturaldigest.com

Adding visual points for your kitchen could easily make the room look a hundred times exciting. Choose specific artworks that could enhance the mood in your kitchen. These arts by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein seem very fitting to the minimalist kitchen design, no?

Go Glossy

Image source: housebeautiful.com

Go big or go home. For the bold and creative souls, opting for show-stopping kitchen design is a no-brainer. This swanky kitchen designed by Michelle Nussbaumer is a good example. The blush pink overhead cabinetry, deep aqua lacquered drawer, and glowing marble countertops are all reflective, making the L-shaped kitchen appear larger than it actually is with classic mirror trick.

Sleek, Simple, and Functional

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There is always a demurrer to every rule. Even a simple minimalist kitchen can appear luxurious. The key is to pick the right appliances for your kitchen. After all, every kitchen is first and foremost for cooking. Get your hands on the best hob, hood, refrigerator, and microwave that money can buy. If you’re running out of time and energy before you could buy a brand new hood, try covering that stainless steel old hood inside your cabinet for an utterly sleek design.

Marble Worktops for Maximum Impact

Image source: decortrendy.com

Frequently deemed as the best material for kitchen countertops, marble has never failed to add a sense of luxury while maintaining high-quality performance. Yes, it does need a little effort to keep it in good condition, but the impact given by the material is too good to overlook.

Retro Style Kitchen for an Anachronistic Spirit

Image source: layjao.com

Feeling bored with modernist and simplistic kitchen design? Time to make over everything and go back to the old style! Worry not, you can keep your smart kitchen appliances. Embrace both traditionalism and modernism in one space, let the graceful Victorian-style interior surround your modern utensils. Now you have a new sanctuary where you’ll be spending most of your time in!

Nature Again and Again

Image source: tollbrothers.com

Nature has been helping us since forever. So be a dear friend and let nature in before you go full industrial on your kitchen. Add some greenery to your kitchen islands—it doesn’t take much space. If you’re lucky enough to have a massive area for your kitchen alone, you could even opt for an indoor-outdoor kitchen separated with sliding glass doors. Imagine savoring your meal inside your luxury kitchen while also enjoying the refreshing breeze from the garden before your eyes. Exquisite!

Accentuate with Brass

Image source: housebeautiful.com

Ostentatious kitchen design is not for everyone. For those who prefer subtlety, accents could be the solution to keep the kitchen from being dull. One of the easiest ways is to accentuate previously monotone kitchen islands with brass faucets. The bold color will instantly make your kitchen look like a luxurious boudoir.

A Collaboration of Materials

Image source: elledecor.com

One of the advantages of having a spacious peninsula kitchen is that you have gazillions of choices to décor with. You can include a variety of elements: from open shelves for pictures and decorative accessories, big leather dining chairs, stainless steel hood and ranges, glossy white countertops, sculptural lighting, to Scandinavian style timber floor, everything is up to you.

Rustic Luxury Through and Through

Image source: homestratosphere.com

Luxury and country-style are never mutually exclusive. It’s not rare to find luxurious rustic kitchen design. In this case, the cost of the lavish rustic kitchen above is estimated at over $110.000. Here, multiple tones are used throughout the cabinetry—green, cream, and dark wood. The honey-toned wood flooring also enhances the varying color motifs, while the decorative ceiling tiles give the kitchen a historical country look.

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