2021 Furniture Trend


Design, like many other facets and industries in 2021 are going through a major change. The culprit, the catalytic pandemic has ushered in a new paradigm shift in how we live, work and play.

According to a macrotrend report by The Future Laboratory, the Pleasure Revolution is dominating 2021 and beyond. “With every second of our free time colonised by the cult of busyness, consumers will turn away from relentless productivity and shift their focus from enhancement to enjoyment,” states the report.

With wellness and radical relaxation taking centre stage, our spaces at home, work and play are evolving and furniture design is getting a rite of passage. As society becomes more introverted yet connected with each other and our surrounding; history, intimacy, privacy and environmentalism are the burning mainstream this year and influencing the way furniture is designed.

From luxury to sustainable furniture, we explore top furniture trends to look out for in 2021.

1. Minimalism

Dadung string chair from @santaifurniture

Modern, sophisticated and sleek, yet aesthetically pleasing. Minimalist furniture are created to fuse function and form. All those slender cantilevered chairs and bent tubular steel structures occupy less space. And minimalists are all about embracing the light airiness that comes with lots of empty space. Minimalist interiors feature not only restrained silhouettes, but also fewer objects overall.

2. Sustainable materials

Wooden outdoor daybed by @warisan_furniture

Ethically made and environmentally sustainable furniture that focus on fair trade and responsible production practices is fast gaining momentum. Beauty, comfort, and convenience with minimal damage to natural resources are entirely in the spirit of the times, especially today, when it is so important to take care of our planet’s safety.

3. Natural materials

Solid natural wood, rattan and bamboo from @junohome

Staying indoors for longer periods of time throughout 2020 left many of us yearning for a deeper connection to the elements of nature we’ve always relied upon. Rattan, wicker and bamboo to name a few, never goes out of fashion. These materials are good to use whether indoors or outdoors and they last a long time.

4. Vintage

Batman by @jakartavintage

Vintage is kind to the planet by making use of what’s already there. It means paying homage to the skills of the craftsmen back in the day and embracing quality that stood the test of time.

5. Embrace colour

Locke by @dmdio for @beranda_living

This year is all about colourful pieces around the home as we predicted in our 2021 interior design trend forecast. Cheerful colours like yellow, green, blue and pink will be a staple this year.

6. Texture

Gentela credenze from @porosliving

Textured furniture has become an easy way to create a scheme that feels rich and considered. From the increase in wicker, shattered glass, metal grills, plaid leather and stressed wood seen on furniture today; texture is the new pattern.

7. Curves

Moxie sofa from @boxlivingindonesia

Curvy, flowing shapes in furniture design made their big appearance in the 1950s and already saw a comeback last year. Rounded furnishings and other elements offer a sense of clarity, precision, and freshness to a space.

8. Art deco

Art deco meets tropical by @bika_living

Art Deco emerged right before World War I and found its footing in the early 1920s, as did the artists responsible for it. The style borrowed from many sources and art forms, some of them contradicting. Although more modern styles of art deco will be in fashion instead of the classics; think shiny, sparkly surfaces with sunny tones.

9. Statement pieces

Shroom table by @_knobknob_

Where colour and décor are largely restrained, special individual pieces can shine. Statement pieces not only will pull a room together, they can be a conversation piece and elevate your interior.

10. An ode to the classics

Armchair from @iwantirta_home

As people focus more on their homes, they are creating deeper relationships with the things they have around them. The rise in appreciation for classic and antique furniture is expected to continue well into 2021 and beyond. Home is where the heart is and meaningful purchases which are sustainable, good quality and add comfort through nostalgia are going to be increasingly sought after.

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