2021 Garden Trend


The year 2020 saw many of us homebound and many have picked up gardening as a hobby. From indoor gardens to some serious biodiversity action in the backyard; 2021 will only see a surge of budding green-fingered amateur gardeners.

So what will everyone be growing? For 2021, it’s evident that the bliss of being in nature or any outdoor space in general will be bigger than ever. Experienced gardeners are diving deeper into their gardening activities and trying new things, whilst newbies hold their failures as unwavering lessons.

From the basic concept of the garden as an outdoor room to its role in our mental health, the garden will continue to play a huge role in our lives this year. We discover garden trends set to be big in 2021.

Outdoor room

Entertaining outdoors has become a prerequisite, and many of us are turning our gardens into an extension of our homes. This trend will continue throughout 2021. Outdoor furnishings and outdoor cooking will be a top trend this year.

Indoor garden

Whether you live in an apartment or lack of outdoor space, make the most of your indoor space by transforming it into an Insta-worthy indoor jungle. Try adding big leafy plants at a dead space or a collection of succulents on your windowsill as a start.

Balcony garden

We’ll see more city dwellers turning their balconies into urban jungles with comfy furnishings and glorious plants. When creating a balcony garden, it’s best to choose hardy plants and keep your plants in pots so it’s easy to move your plants to chase the sun.

Edible garden

Source: @tropicalsagegarden

As sustainability influences are increasing in our daily lives, it’s great to see the rise in popularity for #permaculturegarden. This is quite simply a more holistic approach to gardening, living off the land. Pro tip; start with a simple herb garden.

Vertical garden

One of the best ways to create a lush garden without compromising patio and lawn space is to go vertical. This trend in gardening can be embraced indoor and outdoor. It adds dimension to your spaces and won’t affect the ability to maintain your lawn care.

Cacti and succulent garden

A casual browse through Instagram confirms succulents and cacti is future-proofing contemporary landscape design. Fuelling the interest is the wide variety of shapes, colours and forms as well as their ease of growth such as low water consumption, compact growth, less issues with bugs and insects.

Water elements

The presence and sound of water in the garden is sparkly, refreshing and relaxing. More and more gardeners are turning their gardens into retreats for relaxation by adding more water elements such as fountains and ponds.

Creative planters

Souce: @maisonlanine

Many budding gardeners are using more creative containers to highlight their plants and as an extension of their personalities. Gone are the days of sticking your plants in a boring clay pot and calling it a day. Nowadays, there are plenty of items that can be repurposed into planters or if you like the fancier stuff, look through Instagram and you’ll find many shops selling hand-painted and artisanal planters.

Next week, we will compile a guide to get your home gardening kits and accessories. Stay tuned.

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