2022 Architecture Trends


New year and new trends, by its very nature usually brimming with optimism and the promise of a new beginning. But as we wonder what the future might look like, after two years of worldwide lockdown, it seems that we are holding on to what’s familiar more than ever.

One thing that architecture trends have in common in the year 2021 and 2022 is that - the pursuit of sustainable development and more open spaces. This trend or commitment will not fade but only will get stronger over time.

With more and more people evolving towards sustainable environmental and architectural design, recyclable and up-cycled materials, self-sufficient buildings and facilities with green ambitions are more common than ever.

Explore these architecture trends that will be big in 2022 and beyond.

Open and multifunctional spaces

Designed by OXO Living, photographed by Ricky Adrian

Integrating different areas of the house or office to create flexible and multipurpose rooms is more evident as it allows inhabitants to enjoy more openness without restriction and is practical for most spaces.

Home automation and smart homes

Photographed by Nic Lehoux

Smart building is a choice for home and developers alike in this modern world. It provides greater comfort, convenience and reduces consumptions of energy.

The new minimalism

Designed by Andra Matin, photo by Aga Khan Trust for Culture / Cemal Emden

Minimalism trend in architecture translate into a commitment to simple forms using modern and cutting-edge materials to ensure thermal and acoustic insulation that results in cost-effectivity and environmental benefit.

Natural lighting and ventilation

Designed by Biombo Architects, photographed by Ricky Adrian

An evergreen of trends but has been a commodity in this pandemic and post-pandemic world.

Walls and flooring as protagonist

Designed by Budipradono Architects, photographed by Fernando Gomulya

These decorative elements are becoming an important consideration in 2022 for its functionality, thus quality tiles that imitate different materials and wood are in.

It’s all about curves

Designed by Local Architecture Bureau, photographed by Dedi Dwitomo

Curves, when done well, add character and an element of surprise and delight to any home. This trend counters the 'straight-line syndrome' of recent years. Expect to see more arched openings, windows and doors.

3D printing

The pandemic has shed light on the housing crisis and its high costs. 3D printing is a new construction technique that is now a concrete reality that pushes efficient housing solutions.

Offbeat and sustainable building materials

Designed by SHAU Architects with ice cream tubs

This commitment will not fade, architects and builders will be more creative in building materials selection in 2022.

Architecture will be more collaborative

Designed by Aedas Architects

As clients are thinking more outside the box of the building, architects will need to collaborate with more experts from different fields such as environmental activists and social anthropologists.

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