5 Great Art Design Museums in Indonesia


For any art lover out there, art design museums are a must-visit destination. These museums have been popping up all over Indonesia, where art is displayed as well as some some interactive art designs to intrigue visitors and make the space more interesting. After all, museums aim to give visitors an unforgettable experience while giving them something to learn in the process. Here are five art design museums in Indonesia that are worth checking out:

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (MACAN), Jakarta


Built with the spirit of increasing Indonesia’s understanding and appreciation of art, Museum MACAN provides Indonesia with modern and contemporary art pieces from both domestic and international artists. It displays around 800 art collections of Haryanto Adikoesoma, the founder of this very museum. From paintings to installation art, various types of art can be seen in this museum. It also aims to be a platform for local and international artists to showcase their pieces, allowing Indonesian art to get a global audience, and bringing international art to Indonesia.

Ciputra Artpreneur Museum, Jakarta

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This is a museum dedicated to Hendra Gunawan, a skilled maestro painter and a social activist in the era of the Japanese occupation of Indonesia. He was an artist from the modern art period. The art pieces in the museum are the private collection of Dr.Ir. Ciputra, who is said to be friends with Hendra Gunawan himself. This museum educates visitors on the development of Indonesian art, especially modern art.

Akili Museum Of Art, Jakarta

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Such diversity of art design can be found in the Akili Museum of art. Inside is Rudy Akili’s private collection and is presented in the form of a home. An eclectic platform for an eclectic collection which varies in styles and forms. This museum shows the development of Indonesian contemporary art, as it displays art pieces from different time periods and famous artists such as Affandi and Basuki Abdullah. There are also pieces from young artists, thus bridging the old and the new together. This museum creates a storyline with its socio-political theme, giving visitors an enjoyable time and reflecting a much broader history of Indonesia from a unique perspective.

Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, Jakarta

The name says it all. The museum showcases Indonesian fine arts throughout the decade, some Indonesian handicrafts, traditional and contemporary ceramics from various areas of Indonesia. Visitors can see the evolution of Indonesian art, starting with the early modern art era, which is Raden Saleh's pioneering art pieces to the latest art from today, displayed in segments according to its timeline. Visitors can learn about traditional ceramics that is produced in Indonesia and some of the contemporary ones, even international ceramics from Thailand, China, Japan, Vietnam, and Europe.

Museum Pasifika, Bali

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Being crowned as the largest Asia Pacific art museum, Museum Pasifika has a large collection of art originating from all around Asia Pacific. Reaching around 600 pieces, including 200 sculptures from 200 different artists of 25 different nationalities. With the Asia Pacific being a very diverse area containing a lot of ethnic groups and cultures, the museum offers a kaleidoscope of art forms and art styles from various places in the region.

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