7 Places to Eat in Bali



Bali welcomes travelers from all over the world - this tourist attraction,is fueled by the fine hospitality and rich culturewith its diverse cuisine. Included in this selection is seven of my favorite foodie finds:

Warung Made

Warung Made has been echoing Bali’s development since it was established in 1969. From a traditional roadside warung, it has grown to a cosmopolitan restaurant with menu selections that also has grown along with the warung and the rest of Bali. Many people are willing to queue and wait for their wide range of local foods like Nasi Campur and much more.

The Junction Restaurant

In Juction Restaurant, guests are delighted with gourmet salads, gnocchis, paninis and pita pockets, authentic crepes, deli baguettes and many more delights. Designed by Japanese architect, Nobuyuki Narabayashi, Junction has a cozy ambiance with a great combination of recycled materials. It is open for both lunch and dinner.

The Khaima Restaurant

Food from a variety of originsare available in Bali - including Moroccan dishes. Located in Oberoi, The Khaima Restaurant serves various kinds of dishes and shisha. Khaima gives a unique dining experience with a Moroccan atmosphere and sleek design. The Middle Eastern setting is also supportedby the belly dance performances held every Friday and Saturday night.


White table cloths complete the pretty French setting in Metis. Located in Seminyak, the two story complex gives an ultimate dining experience from brunch to dinner. Chef Nicolas Tourneville offers French Mediterranean cuisine to guests’ palates and great food presentations. They also have a fine wine selection to pair along with the divine dishes.

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku

Grilled minced chicken with spices including lemongrass molded into bamboo skewers served with rice has turned this restaurant into phenomenon. With highlights such as the sate lilit and its spicy dressing, Nasi Ayam Kedewatan serves an authentic Balinese cuisine to all patrons.

Bebek Bengil

Bebek Bengil is also known as The Dirty Duck Diner. Since 1990, Bebek Bengil serve various dishes on their menu made with duck, from Duck Spring Roll to Smoked Duck or The Original Crsipy Duck. They compliment their dishes with their famous sambal (chili condiment).

Babi Guling Ibu Oka

During lunch time, Jalan Suweta, Ubud will be crowded as many tourists queue for Balinese roasted suckling pig. Babi Guling Ibu Oka is well known for bold spiced and soft-textured pork. Guests can enjoy their food with traditional lesehan seating. The dining session can also be completed with fresh coconut water sipped directly from the young coconut.

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Barbara Hahijary
Barbara earned her bachelor's degree in architecture from the Interior Architecture Program of the University of Indonesia in 2013. Historical or heritage buildings, as well as utilitarian design, fascinates her as it is the interaction between people and architecture that remains her favourite topic to explore. Besides architecture, her interests include design, handcrafts, literature and social issues.

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