The Life of Stars at ART021 Shanghai


Sullivan+Strumpf will present Lindy Lee's works at ART021 Shanghai, which will run from 9 to 12 November, 2017.

Photos by Charlie Xia of UAP and Roger D'Souza

This November, renowned artist Lindy Lee will showcase her latest collection of artworks to the visitors of ART021 Shanghai. The collection ranges from free-flowing bronze sculptures, works on paper, to a remarkable six-metre tall sculpture that has been dubbed the artist’s most significant work to date.

Named “The Life of Stars”, the oval-shaped artwork is a collaborative work between Lindy and Urban Art Projects (UAP). The sculpture's mirror-polished stainless steel surface reflects its surrounding yet stands out with its luminous facade. Over 30,000 perforated holes that were strategically and individually placed by Lindy light up the surface, giving it a soft starry-like glow.

For the past three decades of her career, Lindy's works have been mostly inspired by her Buddhist faith and Chinese heritage as well as her contemplations on spirituality, life and the universe. The concept behind "The Life of Stars" also aligns with this, in addition to Daoist teachings, all of which acknowledge the connection between humanity and nature. The surface of the sculpture is wrapped in concentric circles that symbolise the interconnectedness of the universe. As a whole, the gleaming artwork represents the beginning of life, birth, and renewal that take place on Earth, and a blessing of vitality and energy.

While "The Life of Stars" will be placed outdoors, there will be a smaller version of the artwork displayed in the art booth inside. The replica, called "The First Innumerable" will be a suspended artwork. Much like its larger counterpart, the sculpture also glistens from its perforated surface.

Other installations by Lindy include a ‘flung bronze’ wall installation named "Horizons Growing Beyond the Visible".

Lindy is an internationally recognized artist that has exhibited in numerous countries including the USA, Germany, Canada, China, Hong Kong (Art Basel), Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The Chinese-Australian artist’s works are presented by Sullivan+Strumpf at ART021 Shanghai, which will run from 9 to 12 November, 2017.

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