8 Garden Design Ideas For a Relaxing Minimalist Home


Having a garden in a minimalist home is something you should consider implementing. A modern style of less is more, combined with a touch of nature. Creating a more relaxed and calm atmosphere at home brings in the comfort of having a safe haven from the outside world, and makes peaceful environment for yourself to temporarily escape reality. Minimalist Garden Design works for both indoors and outdoors of the house. Here are eight garden design ideas that will freshen up your home.

The Botanical Wall

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

Stack up some plants such as succulents, lipstick planst, dracaena, or maybe some ferns on your walls. It helps liven up your house. Especially when you have very limited space, a vertical garden design is a perfect match for your house. You can maximise that small gardening space with plants to create a sense of freshness. Mix and match a variety of plants to liven up the design. Just imagine a painting of plants but with real plants hanging on your wall. Cool right?

A Little Garden In a Jar

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Not simply restricted to jars, but terrariums can be a fun choice for your home. It’s like having a mini garden that can be put anywhere in your house, even hanged, as long it gets enough light and is taken care of properly. The shape and size of the terrariums could be a game-changer in this minimalist house. Simple shapes like round shapes, rectangle, and a triangle would be sufficient to accommodate the minimalist house style itself. Just plant some succulent-type plants or flowing ones, and you can have yourself a dope terrarium for your house.

Shower in Nature

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Imagine taking a nice shower accompanied by some Azalea flowers, Boston ferns, or bamboos. Maybe even adding some moss or air plants into the picture, getting that tropical and natural vibe every time you take a shower. That would be so cool. And don’t think that this is something hard to do. The fact that those kinds of plants only need a humid place and enough bright light to live makes this an easy-to-do garden design. Your bathroom itself is already a perfect habitat for this kind of garden. It just needs a little maintenance once in a while, and you got yourself a tropical bathroom.

Sleeping in the Arms of Nature

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What better way is there to sleep than being surrounded by a natural air purifier? Waking up to fresh air every morning. Not to mention that every time you wake up, you feel like you are on vacation in a lush tropical hotel with some tropical plants—definitely a great way to start a day. Don’t worry about the light problem. Many tropical plants can survive in a low light environment such as bedrooms.

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But if big tropical plants are too much for you, you can settle for a mini garden in your bedroom with lightweight potted plants arranged on floating shelves. You can put some lavender, ivies, fern, rosemary, pothos, and anything that suits your preference. This mini garden design is perfect for small bedrooms that don’t have a lot of space and adds some color to the minimalist style of the house.

Green Corner

Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

Do you like shade-loving plants but you have brightly-lit home which makes it hard to keep the plant healthy and happy? Go to a corner and turn it into an indoor shaded garden. The walls in the corner will help to prevent the plant from getting direct sunlight but still enough light to help maintain the life of the plants. But be sure to pick the ones that don't get direct sunlight, or it will be just for naught. This garden design can be used to create a relaxing space by adding a single person sofa and a coffee table.

Geometric Garden

Source: thecultivatedgarden.com

In the already geometric style of the minimalist home, geometric garden design is probably the safest choice if you are not sure about doing something bold. Nonetheless, it will still look extraordinary, seeing it will complement the minimalist style. Plants will be grown in geometric shapes such as small rectangles, square, circular beds as well as lines divided by walkways. This geometric design has huge maintenance perks. Having separate sections of plants with a walkway, it's easier to do weeding, watering, and other chores.

Minimal is More

Photo by Blank Space from Pexels

Simple, functional, and easy on the eyes. Those traits are what this garden design offers—containing only a minimal amount of plants such as a single small tree with some bushes. Accompanied by some outdoor furniture such benches and tables. A perfect place to hang out with friends and family. No-fuss, not extravagant, just simple and easy.

Zen Retreat

Image by Jana from Pixabay

This design is inspired by the Japanese-style garden. With the sound of water trickling down a bamboo fountain, surrounded by a Japanese maple tree, cherry tree, ferns, black pines, styrax, and more to make the garden stay cool and calm. You don't need a lot of space to accomodate this kind of garden style as it offers an all-natural landscape in a minimalist way—a perfect place to have a private meditation or zen corner.

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