A Design Nerd's Guide to Sweden


Sweden is synonymous when talking about contemporary design, whether its art, architecture or products. Here's our picks for a design tour.

1. Project to Watch
A town called Kiruna in the northern part of Sweden is facing a difficult challenge: The ground on which it stands is slowly crumbling due to excessive mining. As a consequence, the town needs to be moved about 3 kilometres. Architectural firm Kjellander Sjöberg, in collaboration with Skanska, has won the competition for the area’s land transfer plan, first phase. kjellandersjoberg.se

2. Product Designers
Form Us With Love is a multidisciplinary design bureau that exhibits noteworthy Swedish style in each of its products. Most recently, the firm was approached by Sweden’s own IKEA to create durable and versatile chairs. The result is a collection of incredibly simple-looking yet attractive chairs that are top-sellers in IKEA at the moment. formuswithlove.se

3. Instagrammable Spot
Stockholm’s Old Town, Gamla Stan, is a well-preserved medieval city that was also Stockholm’s birthplace in 1252. The area’s colourful houses, with mismatched necks, cobblestone streets and winding alleyways, are definitely Insta-worthy. visitstockholm.com

4. Design Marvel
In the town of Malmo stands a residential skyscraper that has become more of a landmark widely known as the Turning Torso. It twists from its base, all the way to the top of its 190-metre body. The design by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava fits 147 apartments on 54 storeys. It’s a short drive away from Copenhagen. turningtorso.net

5. What to Bring Home
DesignHouse Stockholm is the perfect place to find a little something for your home. You will find the creme de la creme of Scandinavian design available in its contemporary pieces. We’re still deciding between the unique Knot Cushion or the svelte Alba Vase with a belted waist. designhousestockholm.com

6. What You Wish You Could Bring Home
Initially gifted to Empress Josephine by her husband, Napoleon; the Cameo Tiara is a 200-year-old headpiece that now belongs to Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria. Unlike most tiaras and crowns, the Cameo Tiara is not embellished with precious stones or diamonds. Its sartorial luxury comes from its pearls and intricate cameos.

BONUS. What to Eat
They won’t exactly fit your Instagram feed’s aesthetic, but they will be a gastronomic treat for your tastebuds. The famous gravy-doused Swedish meatballs live up to their reputation. Best served warm with a side of mashed potatoes.

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Natasha Gan
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