A Beautifully Designed Space for all Sleeping Needs

Photography By Bagus Tri Laksono

PT Duta Abadi Primantara (DAP) recently celebrated its 29th anniversary selling mattresses in Indonesia. Their latest venture is Sleep & Co, a shop where all sleeping needs can be purchased. Apart from mattresses, the store also sells linens, pillows, blankets, and lots more. Indonesia Design visited their store in Senayan City and spoke to Mr. Anthony Setiawan, President Director of PT DAP, to talk about Sleep & Co.

Sleep & Co in Senayan City is situated on the third floor of the mall, in a special Home and Living section created by PT DAP in collaboration with other furniture and home accessories stores from Jakarta Design Centre. Sleep & Co itself is a luxurious space, with perfectly designed corners depending on the mattress brand. Walking into the store, there is a chandelier made of what looks like silk ties hanging over potted plants, reminiscent of palace gardens and entrances in Europe.

PT DAP hired a professional interior designer for the space. They wanted to create a special corner for each brand that emanates its luxury and status. For example, Aireloom, one of the most prestigious mattress brands in the world, has its own partly closed off corner with a massive crystal chandelier in the middle of the space, a table with chairs, and a wall showing off Aireloom’s most well-known customers.

For the rest of the store, brands such as King Koil, Serta and Tempur, each have their own style. The King Koil corner is more opulent and is situated next to the Aireloom section, while Serta, the best mattress for seven straight years in the US according to Furniture Today, is sprawled across the centre of the store, showing off the most mattress models than the others. On the back corner lies Tempur, the most modern brand perfectly represented by sleek colours in the back wall. Each brand was meticulously designed in order to reflect its identity. Sleep & Co ensures that each customer gets the right feel for each brand in order to pick the right mattress for them.

Sleep & Co has recently released their phygital (physical digital) software, a questionnaire created by PT DAP to help determine the right mattress for the customer according to their specific needs. Each Sleep & Co store has a phygital wall available for every customer to use.

Sleep & Co is a truly innovative store concept that provides all bedding and sleeping essentials for those who truly appreciate the highest quality of sleep. Having already opened three locations in Senayan City Mall, Pluit Village Mall, and Taman Anggrek Mall in December 2018, PT DAP has plans to open six more stores this year, providing more Indonesians with the most luxurious and technologically advanced “sleep boutique”.

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Bagus Tri Laksono

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