A Collaboration of Two Flavours


For couple Irawan Tjiptoraharjo and Elly Surjani, partnership was reflected in the process and output of their work: their eagerness to collaborate despite differing styles and ideas to create their dream home. The couple made decisions on the theme of the house, the shape of the rooms, the colours and the function.

Photo by Bagus Trilaksono

Located in North Dago, West Bandung, the villa is strategically situated close to the city centre a mere 30 minutes away from the Dago strip. The villa stands amongst 
10 parcels of land in the compound; right beneath it lays a sloping path and a bamboo forest. The couple has dreamed of an oasis in the countryside not too far from the heart of the city. “We chose the ‘country style’ for the villa only because we wanted to blend with the natural surroundings. We decided on a warm, cosy space that is not at all minimalist,” Elly explains. With the help of architect Andy Sugiharto, the construction of the villa began in December 2015 on a site of 1,000 sqm. The construction was completed in October 2016.

This’ country style’ adopted for the villa—a collaboration of the architect and the owners—is actually an amalgamation of the English summer flair and a shabby-chic look, coupled with their own take of what a ‘country style’ should exhibit. This is evident from the elements inside the family room and bedrooms.

Natural Palimanan stone is used as the material for the exterior while the roof, which has two sloping sides, utilises Tegola. The attic takes up almost 1/3 of the building’s width and conveniently functions as a bedroom. This room adopts ‘an army barrack’ style without partitions and doors, resembling a gallery with a direct view of the level above and the dining room below. There are two beds and several futons strewn across the floor, a deliberate arrangement that enables Enrio and Vanessa, the couple’s children, to invite their friends for a sleepover and ‘immerse themselves in their own universe.’ Cool air can flow freely into the room from the attic window.

White-coloured wood is used throughout the entrance corridor and the villa walls as an accent, measuring one metre from the wooden floor.
 This adds warmth to the rooms, especially in the main bedroom and children’s room, as well as the bathroom that is located on the ground floor. This relaxing atmosphere is reinforced by the interior ornaments that the family has collected from their local and international travels.

The family room links to a pretty kitchen that is located alongside the wall, facing one corner
of the villa. A dining table is located only a step away, where the lady of the house can serve the family with ease. The beautiful decor is enhanced with a flowery folding blind on the window that
is typical of a country theme. Inside the family room is an actual fire place that is used each night to ward off the cold breeze that blows in the hills between Dago and Lembang.

In the morning, fresh air enters the main bedroom through a window seat, intentionally added so Irawan and Elly can enjoy the view of the garden and lush hills ahead of them. Framing the window seat is a wooden panel adorned with accessories that add to the shabby-chic ambience. “This is my favourite place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning while I bask in the glory of the Lord, thanking Him for all the blessings in my life,” adds Elly.

A medium-sized terrace located on the side
of the house is equipped with a set of tables and chairs made of rattan. This is a place for the family to enjoy tea, have a chat or play music together. Another favourite place is the pavilion lined
with wooden floor, placed across the terrace that mimics the contour of a hill. Right under the tree decorated with twinkling lanterns is a wooden table where the couple hosts their ‘coffee time’
in the afternoon, alongside friends who come to marvel at the beautiful sunset.
“We are thankful that our different tastes and characteristics were merged seamlessly into a beautiful creation that adds to our family values and enriches our marriage relationship,” Irawan adds.

Project Data

Project name

Private Villa


Dago Utara, Bandung Barat

Site Area

1,000 sqm

Gross Floor Area

200 sqm




Andy Sugiharto

Interior, Lighting, Landscape

by owner

Main contractor

Loekito Hartanto

Started Construction

December 2015


October 2016

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