Stepping Into a Contemporary Glamorous House in Surabaya


Bridging contemporary design with spectacular opulence is all about personalising living experience. Located in Surabaya, FS Residence reminds you of a grandeur design that subtly embodies the persona of the owners.

PHOTO BY Fernando Gomulya

Behind the lush greenery of the golf view in Surabaya, a contemporary glamour sanctuary known as the FS Residence is nestled. The grandeur of the house is a result of revitalisation, led by the architecture and interior designer Alex Bayusaputro of Singapore-based firm Genius Loci.

Featuring spacious rooms and high-ceilings, the residence has undergone a major change after the owner assigned Alex to revamp the house. “The owner wants us to design a home for his family and two children, and that needs to be comfortable and fits for socialising purposes,” he says.

The residence is a three-level house that includes music and karaoke space in the basement, the main private space connected with the backyard on the first floor, and the second floor dedicated for the family’s two children.

Entering the FS Residence is like stepping into a luxurious sanctuary, a combination of extravagant interior and a private backyard with second-to-none panoramic golf course scenery. However, that was not the case when the architect was first involved.

“The first problem of the house is when you go through the entrance, the staircase has 21 steps,” Alex says, recalling that his client wanted to have a more convenient entrance.

The architect then decided to solve the leveling issue as part of altering the shape of the house. Instead of having 21 steps, he created a gentle ram with 11 steps with fine depth on each one. Alex said that creating an aesthetically pleasing home is not the only factor in delivering the luxe design, but the details also needs to cater for a convenience experience.

“The steps are very deep that the user wouldn’t feel that they are actually inclined –that was the first positive feedback from our client.”

Once you climb up the stairs, two openings greet you at the foyer. On the left is a modern small library functioning as a space for quick meetings for the owners or for the children having tutorial sessions with their teachers.

Entering the right side of the entrance is where the private life begins. A double-volume living room connects you to a dining area and the master bedroom. Hangs from the high ceiling of the immense space is a French-crystal Baccarat chandelier, an extravagant centrepiece at the living room. Yet, underneath, the earthy colour tone with a dash of dusty blue and golden brown tones at the seating area give a serene touch, contrasting the glistening chandelier and the statuario marble floor, which is the most precious marble variety found in Italy.

When examining the details of the house, Alex also decided to alter the curvature of the staircase and customised the handrail to match up the house. On the second floor, there are two bedrooms, a family room and a gym. Particularly for the two bedrooms, the interior designer also applied some fine earthy tones, delivering a harmonious theme for the interiors.

Alex complimented all the rooms with a series of furniture of luxury brands from the Bentley, Poltrona Frau and Fendi Furniture that are paired with Hermes Accessories.

For example, a set of Poltrona Frau sofa decorates the basement. The basement is where the owners spend time with the closest ones. The space, which is used for karaoke, dancing and jamming, is divided into three parts, including the lounge area, a dance and multifunctional floor and a space where the family keeps their musical instruments.

Located on the right side of the living room is the master bedroom suite that comprises a bedroom with mini living seating, a walking closet that is completed with a dressing room and a master bathroom.

Complemented with a garden view by the side of the bed, the vast bed area is separated with the outdoor by translucent floor-to-ceiling windows, which allows natural lightings to enter.

Walking across the living room, to the rear, is where the vast green backyard is located. Alex intentionally extended and elevated the patio for the owner to enjoy the golf course view and designed as a breakfast area for the family.

“We wanted to create an area where they [the family] can relax in a less formal way, which is being used quite a lot by the owners nowadays.” Alex also placed a sculpture that functions as an end point and a fountain to prompt the natural ambience, particularly from the sound of the water.

In designing a home, the architect and interior designer believes in three particular things. “Just like clothing, the house needs to represent the owner’s personality, characters and living habits,” he concludes.

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Banyubening Prieta
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