Voila Apartment - A Haven in the Sky


Surabaya is establishing itself as a promising location for luxurious vertical dwellings and the recent two-storey penthouse apartment by architect and interior designer Hidayat Endramukti is a prime example. With the cityscape as a backdrop, this haven in the sky features an aesthetic that mixes modern sophistication with a touch of antique. The result is a place of serenity where its occupants feel entirely at home

Nestled on the 52nd floor, one of the four penthouses located at Voila Apartment in Ciputra World, Surabaya, Hidayat and his team have created a remarkable design with splendid ambiance.

The 300 sqm unit includes three bedrooms and a private lift, and spans two levels: the first is 160 sqm, second is 140 sqm. The design process began with the living and dining room placement, before determining ceiling and lighting plans. Simultaneously, the designers began thinking through the furniture. They dived into details, incorporating some wooden elements in the wall panels to create a sense of warmth. For lighting, wall washers were used where artworks hang, to emphasise the paintings. Water elements were added with a small swimming pool (sized 2m x 7m). The whole effect is intended to create an atmosphere similar to a landed house and to provide the occupants with a sense of luxury and privacy.

The design concept is modern, but not too minimalist. Antique items are dotted throughout the apartment, for example, the Florentine trays in the dining area, were an essential element in creating a balance between traditional and contemporary.“One design aspect that we live by is not too much of anything: not too grand, too empty, too minimalist or too full,” explained Hidayat. His philosophy is to fulfil the clients’ needs while at the same time, incorporating a personal touch so they are satisfied with the result. The client wanted a homely, cozy apartment. It had to look extravagant, but also be comfortable to live in, and make use of the vast cityscape.

“Designing the interior of a penthouse and a house is not that different because their dimensions are similar, but with a penthouse, we can use the exquisite view of the city as part of the interior aesthetic”, adds Hidayat. As trends change each season, and every day, he prefers not to follow trends. Rather his goal is an eclectic approach, to make a unique, personal style, which can be thoroughly enjoyed by the occupants.

Hidayat’s priority as a designer is to create a sanctuary for residents and their guests feel at home in. This idea has taken on new importance during the pandemic as people spend more time at home. This project was completed in approximately three months. With both client and design team sharing aesthetic vision, the only challenges were technical: some of the larger art pieces, and the sofa, were too big to fit into the lift so had to be carried up the stairs to the 52nd floor.

Incorporating traditional Indonesian craftsmanship into luxury interiors is an important part of Hidayat’s designs. ’sofshould, and will,appreciated more The combination of traditional elements within a modern penthouse can work very well as long as both the designer and client, find the design style fitting.

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Rosiany T. Chandra
Graduated as an architect from the Technische Universitaet Berlin in 1987, the Bandung based contributor is passionate about art, history and culture; and loves writing about the subjects. She had previously worked as the Corporate Marketing Communication for a hotel and restaurant group in Jakarta, before moving back to Bandung in 2016. As she is a people person, she enjoys meeting people. In her spare time, she practices ballroom dancing as both hobby and sport.