A Homeowner’s Dream Comes True

A Homeowner’s Dream Comes True


Story by Iman Hidajat | Photos by Indra Koesnady

Initially, the couple with three children had no fixed idea of what their dream house would look like. With the assistance from Hans Susantio, a well- known interior designer, the couple eventually can live in a modern-looking art-deco style home, which exceeds their expectation.

Tom Dixon ceiling lamp by MOIE welcomes guests at the foyer area

The house is located strategically in South Jakarta’s affluent residential area, close to a main road and commercial district. It was designed to be a family home, housing the parents and three children. Hans suggested the modern art-deco style as it is not too heavy and can create a lively ambience.

Upon entering the house, guests will be greeted by a small foyer with a set of Tom Dixon ceiling lamps and stepping on short steps leads them to a welcoming ambiance, making them feel as though they have reached a destination. A multi-function family room with a pantry and dining table become the main area for this small family. There are large windows with Coullise roller blinds boasting a view of the backyard with pool.

“The first floor has an open-layout design,” explains Hans. “It blends the indoor and outdoor well as the guests can see through the tall windows,” he points out. “There is no partition between the pantry and living room where the family can watch TV or movie together. One can also see that the design theme is quite symmetrical with twin doors in the pantry and the stairwell area,” Hans remarks.

Pantry & dining area with open concept and view to the backyard, adorned by Coulisse window covering

In this main area, one cannot help but look at an extraordinary Tom Dixon floor chandelier. The chandelier features modern gold Melt Mini shades emitting an attractive, mildly hallucinogenic light, making many mesmerized by the look. This artsy lamp serves as one of the focal points, hence giving a sense of an art-deco. Fixing their eyes on the far left, guests can see the marble pantry with Rodolfo Dodoni’s Cesar sculpture-object multi- functional eclectic style barstool, adding a décor element of modern taste. Not to mention a dining table with Baxter chairs adorning each side of the table. These statement pieces can be found at MOIE Jakarta, which play an essential role in filling the house’s interior.

Hans also notes that not all corners of the first floor were designed with modern art-deco style, “The public area at the back of the house has a traditional touch decorated by Poros Living, creating a resort nuance,” he said.

Moving on to the guest bedroom and powder room, guests can see a quite contrasting style change. First, the hotel-room-like guest bedroom looks extravagant with a bold wallpaper pattern and contrasting duvet colour. You will also find the bathroom without partition allowing guests to easily enter the bathroom. The powder room located next to the guest bedroom also features vivid patterns of wallpaper and marble.

Contemporary style powder room


Private sections of the house are located on the second and third levels, which can be accessed by the stairs or a home elevator. On the second floor, guests will see a different design style. The floor houses the children bedrooms.

However, before entering the bedrooms, one will be welcomed by a communal seating area with a symmetrical design as a game room. It is located in the middle of the floor, where one can see two sofas lined up against each other with two TV consoles, which are also opposite to each other. In the corner of the room, there is a small pantry also.

Mid-century style for daughter’s bedroom

“There are three rooms with a mid-century design theme on this floor,” Hans says. “A mid-century design is defined by clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and high functionality that give timeless appeal,” he adds. This era is where wood, stripes, leather, and iron are used, as seen in the eldest daughter’s room. Here, Hans applied a turquoise colour, tan leather, and brass accent, adding iconic lighting from Fritz Hansen that adds ambience.

The boys’ rooms feature charcoal grey with dark blue accent colours and taupe leather with camouflage bathroom doors.


When stepping out of the last stairs on the third floor, we will find a small foyer. The designer smartly functions this area as a resting space to give feelings for the couple that they have reached their personal space.

“The third floor is a special one. It is where the main bedroom is and occupied quite a vast space with a walking closet and dressing table for the lady of the house,” Hans explains. Luxury tropical was chosen as the theme of this highest floor to give the feel of a resort-like ambience, so one does not feel like just a bedroom at home in general. You will find a bathroom without partition.

The master bedroom with breakfast nook at the corner

“In the corner of the bedroom, there is this breakfast nook where the homeowners can enjoy breakfast and coffee in the morning while enjoying the view outside,” he adds, “This corner and the main bedroom set-up have created a sense of a honeymoon suite.”

The third floor also has a working room with a more mature and manly style approach and decorated with wood motifs combined with MOIE’s Baxter Tactile upholstered three-seater sofa.

Hans designed this modern art-deco style house to fulfil the needs and match the taste of the couple. The sequence is balanced in which the private area creates privacy for the family to rest and enjoy their me-time, and the public area is designed for the family to gather longer and more often. With such a design style, the whole family members can greatly enjoy their home.

View from the backyard

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