A Refreshed Energy at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay

A Refreshed Energy at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay

By vira

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay is sitting in the heart of the Central Business District and Marina Bay area, overlooking the panoramic views of Singapore city skyline. It opened its doors for public since December 2020 after undergoing an intensive transformation from the classic Marina Mandarin Singapore. Although it’s not entirely new, it is the first to apply ‘garden-in-a-hotel’ concept in the country as one of its ways to embrace sustainability.

Skybridge surrounded by indoor forest.

The renovation of PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay enhances the existing assets instead of tearing-down and reconstructing completely. The new design by FDAT Architects includes a revamp of the whole interior while maintains the iconic structure designed by the late architect John Portman that was built in 1986. The refreshed building is designed with a biophilic concept that celebrates nature, which can be felt since the moment you cross the Skybridge at the reception.

Reception area. Photo by Darren Soh.

The hotel’s efforts to conserve the environment can be seen all over the premises. It is home to over 2,400 plants, trees, shrubs, and groundcovers from more than 60 varieties of flora with a high suitability to indoor conditions. There is a 13-meter high green wall behind the concierge desk and a lush landscape surrounds the lounge area with cocoon-like seats. Six very well looked-after songbirds are located on level four, whose calls add to natural ambiance of a forest.

The Concierge area. Photo by Darren Soh.

It is also where you can find Southeast Asia’s largest indoor skylit atrium, which is 21-storey tall. The use of double-glazed glass for the atrium’s skylight reduces the indoor temperature, enabling the AC to run at a lower fan speed. A grandiose artwork inspired by nature is suspended in the atrium, called “Orchidea” by the notable American Wire Sculptor Richard Lippold. A dramatic light show is performed every night at the atrium with the sculpture taking centre-stage.

Every part of the hotel is magnificent. The outdoor spaces include the Club Lounge, Skyline Bar, a multi-functional space called The Green Space and a swimming pool, which overlooks the city skyline and Marina Bay. When dusk comes, the pool becomes an attraction on its own with 1,380 glowing fibre optic lights. It consumes much less energy than normal pool lights and gives a much more exciting pool experience.

The Skyline Bar and pool. Photo by Daniel Budiyanto.

The F&B department also contributes to the sustainability and business growth in many ways. The hotel has its own urban farm that forms the backbone of its farm-to-table concept. They source fresh local produce to reduce carbon footprint and use coffee beans from suppliers with Rainforest Development Alliance certification. They also implement a better food waste management, which includes recycling food waste and maximising usage of food parts.

The urban farm.
Peppermint, one of the dining areas in the hotel.

The hotel caters to conscious and mindful travellers. Motion sensors are installed in the guest rooms, which power down lights and AC when guests are not present. Low-flow shower heads are installed and pumps are run at lower pressure, both of which help reduce water consumption. You won’t find any bottled water in the room because they replace it with in-room water filtration system.

Lifestyle Premier Room.

Within almost two years of operation, the property, owned by Pan Pacific Hotels Group, has received numerous awards in the categories of sustainability, interior design, cuisine and hospitality. With the opening of borders between countries, the hotel is expecting to host more guests who are visiting for business trips as well as leisure.

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