A Resort-Style Home

Photography By Bagus Tri Laksono

The combination of the layout and function of a resort and a house has created a comfortable home for Alexander Jovanovic in Bali, designed by the team from A2Kreasitama.

The irregular shape of the land was a challenge for the A2Kreasitama (A2K) team, specifically in developing the floor plan. The triangular land shape eventually became the inspiration for the octagonal foyer, which serves as the meeting point and compass of the house.

The design concept brief between the A2K team and Alex was to create a home that feels like a villa “resort”, where there is natural airflow throughout the space, but must still function as a “house” where all doors can be closed. To fulfill this need, the team created a space that uses aluminium glass doors that can open completely, but can still be sealed tight to prevent any insects from coming in. The height and positioning of the house was strategic in order to produce the best natural airflow, eliminating the need for air conditioning.

Located in Dreamland – Pecatu, Bali, the house was given a touch of Balinese contemporary design, starting with the main door presenting intricate wooden balinese carvings. The octagonal-shaped foyer gives the feeling of energy to the visitor, specifically through the eight sides/symbols used in Taoist cosmology. “I put this octagonal shape at the beginning to bring balance and stability to the irregular landform”, said the designer.

The transitory octagonal foyer has white granite tile floors. A sleek console table was placed in one corner with a painting above it, and a round table is at the centre, right underneath a modest contemporary chandelier.

The foyer leads toward two bedrooms with oversized solid wood doors, and a glass door leading to the swimming pool. On the left is the guest bedroom, next to a staircase leading to the upper floors. On the right is the master bedroom with direct access to the green-stone swimming pool and its own private patio made of wooden parquet.

The master bedroom and bathroom is connected through a walk-in closet. The Balinese semi-outdoor bathroom has a freestanding bathtub and is defined with a solid wall finish and stonescape garden, completing the private area of the “resort”. Placed between the bedroom and the main pool is a sunken-bed outdoor whirlpool.

The guest bedroom has access to an open terrace, ideal for cocktail parties or for enjoying the sunset. The guest bathroom is designed with a glass wall shower and a small garden with a pathway to the swimming pool.

All of the bedrooms have wooden parquet floors and some of the walls are decorated with solid wood and natural stone.

A contemporary staircase made from steel and solid wood combined with frameless glass railings leads to the upper floors. A high synthetic rattan ceiling catches the eye on the way up, created not only as an inviting display, but also to make clever use of local materials.

Unlike other houses, the spacious living and dining areas in this house are located on the upper floor, to give its occupants a magnificent view whilst conducting their daily routines. The resort and tropical ambiance has created a recreational atmosphere on this level. Surrounded by see-through glass doors and solid wood columns, the living room is one of the most charming areas of the house. A solid wood dining table, attached with a teppanyaki-style stove allows Alex to entertain guests.

Through another stairway is the attic above the dining room, with a view of the lower floor of the living/sitting area. The attic serves as a space for relaxing. Furthermore, the attic is connected to the roof top with a fantastic view of Jimbaran bay and the airport runway. This is the place to sip on champagne or enjoy a nice barbeque, just a little bit closer to the clouds.

On the hidden lower ground level is the service area, laundry room and the garage with a spacious car port, which can be used as an all-purpose space.

With Alex working in the hospitality business, the A2K team made sure to pay detailed attention to provide sumptuous comfort and apply a luxurious resort feel to the house. The function of the public and private spaces were well-separated. The designer played with scale to maximise the space and apply the public norms from the hospitality industry into the private house. For example, the atrium of the octagonal foyer was designed bigger than the size of the house.

Through the irregular shape of the 505 sqm area, the luxury and the uniqueness of the house created a resort style home like no other. Various functions have been successfully included to the compact design to fit the owner’s lifestyle and his every need.

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Rosiany T. Chandra
Graduated as an architect from the Technische Universitaet Berlin in 1987, the Bandung based contributor is passionate about art, history and culture; and loves writing about the subjects. She had previously worked as the Corporate Marketing Communication for a hotel and restaurant group in Jakarta, before moving back to Bandung in 2016. As she is a people person, she enjoys meeting people. In her spare time, she practices ballroom dancing as both hobby and sport.
Bagus Tri Laksono

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