A Sleek and Contemporary Revival – Aedas Singapore Office by Aedas Interiors


Just off a busy thoroughfare in Singapore’s science and technology hub, Buona Vista lies a busy business hub. Once a quiet neighbourhood is now dotted with high technology offices, young working professionals, shopping and entertainment centres and contemporary residential developments. Amongst all the newness and set in the backdrop of a progressive community is the bran new Aedas Singapore office.

The objective of the redesign was to create a live-work environment that endorses greater peer collaboration while also ensuring a welcoming environment where the firm’s work can be showcased to clients.

Aedas founded its Singapore Office in 1995. Having grown from a small-scale office with only 30 employees, the Singapore office has expanded its operations and is now covering design projects in all Southeast Asian countries. The growth in Aedas Singapore’s design portfolio is the catalyst for the new office space – calling for a sleek and contemporary space that is able to accommodate over 300 employees while also cultivating creativity.

A project led by Managing Director Logan MacWatt and Executive Principal Steven Shaw, the new Aedas Singapore design studio is fitted with a substantial range of work, collaboration and meeting spaces to promote teamwork and virtual connectivity.

Interactive space for clients, partners and staff are designed to endorse hospitality and approachability with a keen emphasis on utility. The “Great Room” is zoned for various types of applications. The room can be expanded into a large meeting room with a push of a button or compartmentalized for smaller breakout space.

The Great Room | Source: Aedas
Small breakout space | Source: Aedas

To accommodate all employees on the main floor, the design team restructured the traditional floor plan to avoid creating a factory workstation environment that often results from implementing mass workstation rows. In lieu of this requirement, a tartan planning style is realized where every third workstation is rotated to create visual breaks in the space while providing collaborative areas. Asymmetrically oriented workstations mitigate any concerns over creating a rigid and sterile work environment. The seamless and malleable flow of the area promotes creativity and interspersed stand up work tables help to encourage collaboration in the office.

Internal walls are adorned with the firm’s featured projects. All curated projects are framed and displayed using the firm’s grid-inspired ‘+’ logo. Displays are magnetically attached to the wall in A1 intervals to allow for easy and quick project imagery updates. Open shelving along the corridors and main entrances allow awards and models to be displayed and, in doing so, creates a seamless gallery of work in the main circulation.

The new Aedas Singapore office is an open space, one that harnesses creativity, innovation and promotes collaboration while being firmly bolstered by the office’s robust and functional hardware. The refreshingly sleek and contemporary space will be the backdrop for many outstanding Aedas designed projects to come.

About Aedas

Aedas is the world’s only local and global architecture and design practice driven by global sharing of research, local knowledge and international practice. Our 1,400 creative minds with design studios across the globe create world-class design solutions with deep social and cultural understanding of the communities we design for. We create world-class design solutions that are tailored to the needs of cities and communities around the world. www.aedas.com

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