A Touch of Italian Luxury with Stella Mobili


Italian furniture design is renowned for its fine quality and remarkably stunning craftsmanship. From design to colour, Italian furniture design is characterised by sophisticated technology and innovative design in furniture production.

It’s no secret that luxury Italian brands are kings in this chess match and furniture companies like Stella Mobili embraces Italian design for their collection. Stella Mobili is one of the leading furniture companies in Indonesia and a celebrated purveyor of high-end furnishings. The company has been furnishing homes in Indonesia since 2003 with chic international brands and its flagship collection. The company is part of the BIKA Group, the maestro with more than 40 years in the industry.

Stella Mobili continuously incorporates latest international trends according to the Italian standard for each new collection and designs under their umbrella. The company observes modern and classical improvements on technicality, functionality and most importantly, the aesthetic.

Stella Mobili holds to high standards of Italian’s innovative technology in furniture production. "We care about our client’s wellbeing. We make sure our imported wooden panels are produced from all parts of the trees with eco friendly production lines. This is to ensure that they neither harm the environment nor place unnecessary chemicals,” said Ambar N. Tuwanakotta of Stella Mobili.

Aside from an impressive portfolio of international brands under their roof, Stella Mobili has been crafting their own collection. The company ensures the furniture are made with eco-friendly materials and observes Italian standards in terms of craftsmanship and style. The most notable amongst their collection is the Smart Furniture. This ingeniously designed furniture can turn a room into a multifunctional space and an incredible solution to maximising space-constrained area.

With the demand of Italian interior design gaining popularity, there are many newcomers in the industry yet Stella Mobili still holds the reign because of their “service, service, service. Aside from making long lasting and high-quality designs, we will provide consultation on the accompanying furnishings or appliances based on the client’s desires. We coordinate with both the site and appliances team. Our highly trained field crew will ensure our products are fitted accordingly so our clients can rest easy,” said Ambar.

Their collections are ergonomically designed to fit any lifestyle and space. The products are customise-friendly and follow international modular standards and sizes with such widths starting from 150mm, 300mm, up to 120mm. Every product the company produces is the result of a dynamic design, plus fast and efficient installation.

Located at Jakarta Design Center, Stella Mobili takes pride in continuously innovating and learning from both their experiences and customer feedback to become what they are today – one of the best kitchen and wardrobe production line in Indonesia. Above all, their furniture will stand the test of time, in design, quality and innovation.

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Shaza Dzulkifly
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