All Aboard Sequoia Yacht!


Set sail on the Sequoia yacht to explore the lesser-known islands of Indonesia and experience what hidden treasures our archipelago has to offer.

Photos by Tania Araujo for CTS

Separated by blue seas and spanning a territory of more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago filled with rich, natural beauty. The Coral Triangle within Indonesia is the most biodiverse marine habitat in the world and is a paradise for snorkelers, divers, hikers, surfers and anyone else who admires the allure of tropical sceneries.

While most frequent the tourist-laden Bali and neighbouring destinations, there are a bevy of other islands waiting to be discovered. Island hop aboard the luxurious Sequoia yacht and witness the treasures of Indonesia’s remote islands in the most ideal way.

Sequoia’s owners Yessi Maya Sari and Kevin M. Corcoran had a very specific goal which was to promote the exploration of Indonesia’s marine natural treasure on a vessel that was both safe and luxurious. Families from around the world could undertake a “Sea Safari” within the Coral Triangle that would connect them to nature and to each other.

Sequoia is designed as a floating homey and modern villa with an east-meets-west interior. Aboard the 26 by 6.5-metre Sequoia are two deluxe rooms with ensuite bathrooms, a spacious common room for lounging and dining, a sky deck and a kitchen, making it an ideal boat for a family of four or a band of close friends.

Yessi and Kevin spent one year in south Florida, USA ,conducting intensive research from the world’s best-known marine experts. Using US Coast Guard standards as a guide, they sourced the most advanced American technology including the main engine, electrical generators, diesel and water holding tanks, water makers, navigation equipment, and pumps. They then sent 5 shipping containers with all the high technology mechanical systems to South Sulawesi. Skilled carpenters of Tana Beru, South Sulawesi, spent four years to handcraft Sequoia using locally sourced ironwood and teak.

The yacht is a classic one-mast Lambo Bugis boat with underwater lighting to illuminate the sea under the night sky. While all mechanical system were sourced from the USA, the interior and furnishing were all handcrafted in Indonesia including naturally dyed ikat textile to beautiful handmade ceramics.

Sequoia set sail for the first time in July 2017. The yacht sails around Eastern Indonesia, including West Papua, the Mollucas Islands and the Lesser Sunda Islands, all of which boast their own beauty. West Papua is home to Raja Ampat, the world-famous diving site with jungle-covered islets and turquoise waters. The Mollucas Islands, located at the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, is where large pelagic schooling species such as barracuda and hammerhead sharks reside. Explore the Lesser Sunda Islands to search for Komodo Dragons, or swim amongst the beautiful coral reefs and exotic fishes.

With Coral Triangle Safaris (CTS), Sequoia’s operating company, trips can be tailored according to the desires of the passengers. Travellers get to explore local tribes and be immersed in unique cultures, deep dive into the seas to observe Indonesia’s beautiful marine life, and experience an array of water sports. The range of adventures when sailing with Sequoia is bound to keep each day pleasantly filled with excursions and activities like snorkelling, kayaking, paddle-boarding, tubing and water skiing.

Up to the eight CTS crew members will man Sequoia to ensure each voyage is smooth sailing. The crew includes a PADI-certified dive instructor and dive master to guide divers on a safe and memorable underwater escapade.

Also aboard Sequoia is an experienced chef, who will happily take dish requests for breakfast, light bites in the afternoon, to gourmet dinners. Feel free to ask for a local or international dish, with ingredients fresh from the market and fishermen. Dinner can be served on Sequoia’s sky deck finished with a sumptuous dessert under the stars and moon of the night sky.

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