Accor Indonesia's Beautiful Office Design


The new office of Accor Indonesia unveils a new concept where the rich culture of the Archipelago marries the exquisite French style.

As you head up to the 21st floor of the DBS Tower skyscraper at Ciputra World located on the golden triangle area of Jakarta, you will realise how much design now plays a more crucial role in supporting the function and enhancing the comfort of an office.

Nestled on that particular floor is a 1,000 sqm work space that boasts a posh combination of French and Indonesian interior details. The bespoke details indeed represent the brand of a renowned French hospitality company that owns and manages hotels across the world, including in Indonesia. Here, Accor Indonesia has established a presence with an office that speaks of its appealing look and functional space.

“We incorporated European-inspired details into the more prominent spaces such as the reception area and the board room, whilst infusing Indonesian batik patterns to the open working area,” explains Karina Tjandra, co-founder of Studio Piu, a Jakarta-based interior design firm that created the office space of Accor Indonesia.
She further says that the pattern is one element that contributes to the creation of the office’s appealing atmosphere. “The pattern is inspired by the Balinese Sarong Poleng, which is the black and white pattern commonly found in Balinese fabric.”
Entering the office will take you to a reception area that is anchored with a marble and wood reception counter. The space is characterised with a chequred pattern on the floor. The grey tones of the chequred carpet pattern create a distinct pathway along the corridor, passing by the meeting rooms and the enclosed offices.

“The pattern of the floor helps to identify the circulation of the office as it continues to the corridor space, which leads to the open working space at the two ends of the office,” she says.

The open working space is distinguished by its workstations’ pewter and light wood tone. A communal table, stationed across an olive-green belt, allows employees to use the table temporarily. There are two refined woven panels with an Indonesian batik pattern to create an enclosed space. This detailed structure is what truly makes the open office stand out.

Visible from the reception area is the board room, covered in blue interior wall panels with moulding detail, inspired by the French Boiserie. To create a balance to the blue wall, grey carpet tiles were used. “We have incorporated blue as it is the main corporate colour of Accor,” Karina adds.

As you explore inside, you will notice the different spatial usage of carpet tiles, which are the main materials used in designing the office. The main lobby towards the open area features monochromatic blocks of grey tiles, while carpet tiles with bold patterns were used in the meeting rooms such as the distinct bold colour of green in the informal meeting spaces. Some meeting rooms were designed with a neutral colour tone, using the warm wooden wall panel and the monochromatic intricate-patterned carpet tiles.

The bold pattern on the carpet tiles is indeed unique, as it resembles the ikat motif. You can see such a one-of-a-kind combination of this pattern with other interior accents in the conference room and the meeting rooms. Meanwhile, smaller meeting rooms are built like glass pods, with the wall painted in teal, which breaks the monotony of a corporate office.

Not to be missed is the office’s library. Distinguished by the white and teal interior, the library boasts a tri-coloured carpet crafted in angular blocks. No less interesting is the pantry, designed in a contemporary style featuring oak with teal and sand pink hues. The pantry features light wood bar tables and stools with wooden slats in the ceiling.

“One of the biggest challenges in this project was to ensure the office space has ample meeting rooms for its multi-departments and visitors. So, we created a number of communal spaces. In the end, the focus on this project was to create both a local and European inspired interior that gives a meaningful expression of an office,” Karina concludes.

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