The Trinity of Values of Aina Kari

The Trinity of Values of Aina Kari


At the heart of Aina Kari lies a trinity of values: Italian craftsmanship, sustainability, and daring material fusion. These pillars steer every aspect, from research and experimentation to creation and production.

Fluid forms intertwine with vibrant Murano glass hues against the textured satin of marble, echoing from Crevola Quarry in the Ossola Valley to Murano Island, celebrating the mastery of Italian artisans.

Marina Cighir, the creator of Aina Kari brand, revels in the exploration of exquisite materials and Italian artisanship. From recovering irregular blocks to crafting unique decorative pieces and design candles, she unites Murano glass with Palissandro marble in a contemporary narrative. Founded amidst the creative hubs of Milan and Venice, Aina Kari strikes a harmony between artistic inspiration and ethical responsibility, fostering a tangible future. The brand proudly embraces a ‘Made in Italy’ethos, meticulously selecting premium suppliers and championing hyper-local production.


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