Amazing Artworks and Designs at ICAD 12

By vira

ICAD 12, with the theme “Fragmenting Yesterday, Reshaping Tomorrow”, aims to understand people’s development process while scanning through the relations between the past and the future. It’s a topic that cannot be separated from the pandemic as our collective memory that has influenced many things.

Lead Curator Amanda Ariawan and Guest Curator Prananda L. Malasan said that there are critical and imaginative thoughts amongst social issues that are presented through the artworks. From the comedic to political ideas, from the analytical to the speculative ideas, they are understandable. And these ideas contribute to our knowledge and discussions about current issues on the environment, history, technology and civilisation.

59 multidisciplinary artists, which include contemporary artists, collective and communities display their works at ICAD 12. These works are divided into 5 categories: Special Appearance, In Focus, Open Submission, Featured and Collaboration. Most of the artists are Indonesian, but the Open Submission features 3 international artists from France, UK and Russia.

Here are some of the works, displayed in random order.

“nThe Power of Juragan” by Eddie Hara x Rebellionik x Onxstudio created a hotel related design.
Adhi Nugraha’s “Cow Dung’s Wasteland Transformation” products are made of - guess what - cow’s dung! The work is based on a research project at Bandunt Institute of Technology’s Cultural and Environmental Product Research Centre.

“Living on the Unsteady” by Dian Hardiansyah is showing the fragility of human’s life in this damaged environment on earth.
“Mind of the 7th Kingdom” by Digital Nativ.
The flexible “Eve Pendant Lamp” by Studio Hendro Hadinata that was also exhibited at Salone del Mobile in Milan earlier this year.

We’ve posted this project on our Instagram, check it out.

“The Banda Journal” highlights the legacy of centuries long of exploitation and colonisation in the remote Banda Islands, part of Maluku (Moluccas). Photos by Muhammad Fadli have been published in a book in a collaboration with writer Fatris MF.

Studiohand’s Sawarna series. Recycling plastic bottle caps and turning them into functional stools.

“Young Blood” by Nyoman Nuarta, inspired by his youth.
“Smiling Angels from the Sky” & “Genetic Manipulation” by Heri Dono
“I Owe You II” by Mella Jaarsma
Part of “Pawang Punk Cyber Dukun” by M. S. Alwi
“Monkeykineko” by Wanara Studio
“Ibu Pertiwi” by Henri Affandi
“History Is Written by the Victors” by Titarubi
“Kota Ibu, Tempat Para Ibu Mengadu Nasib”, “Warsiti dan Shakila #1”, & “Warsiti dan Shakila #2” by Haiza Putti.

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