Antonio Guerrasio

Antonio Guerrasio


Embracing the future through a half-century journey in architecture.

For over half a century, the company has dedicated itself to architecture with unwavering passion and expertise. Their philosophy centres on crafting innovations that enrich the future, striving for usability, efficacy, and performance to realise the aspirations of visionaries. Throughout these decades, they have steadfastly pursued their mission, pioneering inventive products and refining processes for enduring quality. Thriving amidst industrial evolution and weathering economic challenges, their pride lies in continued production in Italy, sustained by a relentless pursuit of excellence. After fifty years, the company’s gratification is seeing its creations grace architectural marvels worldwide, from iconic landmarks to the transformative designs of emerging talents shaping tomorrow’s landscape.


Via Acquedotto n°1, Roccapiemonte 84086 (SA), Italy
T. +39 081 931788

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