ARCH:ID 2022 – Four Days of Diverse Indonesian Architecture Conference and Exhibition

ARCH:ID 2022 – Four Days of Diverse Indonesian Architecture Conference and Exhibition

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Architects, interior designers, building materials partners, contractors, academics and other professions related to the design and built industry gathered in a long-anticipated event, ARCH:ID 2022 – Indonesia Architecture Conference & Exhibition from 14 -17 July 2022 at ICE, BSD. It was a big opportunity to expand network, exchange knowledge and take roles in developing Indonesian architecture, as well as a reunion after the first ARCH:ID that took place before the pandemic.

The opening ceremony of ARCH:ID 2022

ARCH:ID 2022, with the theme of “Sebentang, Serentang, Segendang - Towards Diversity in Architecture”, was jointly organised by IAI (Indonesian Architect Institute) and CIS Exhibition. The event was officiated by Minister of Public Works and Housing Dr. Ir. H. Mochamad Basoeki Hadimoeljono, M.Sc., Ph.D, President of IAI Georgius Budi Yulianto, Head of Committee Theresia Asri Purnomo, and curators Ary Indra, Hermawan Dasmanto and Ramadhoni Dwipayana. The opening ceremony was also attended by participants in Medan and Makassar pavilions via online.

The sophomore event consisted of International Conferences, Curated Exhibitions, Talk Series, Sustainable Construction Material Awards, and many more. The conference featured practitioners from diverse countries as speakers, namely Masahiro Kinoshita (KINO Architects, Japan), Pitupong Chaowakul (Super Machine Studio, Thailand), Damith Premathilake (Damith Premathilake Architects, Srilanka), Liu Yichun (Atelier Deshaus, China), and diverse areas of Indonesia, namely Setiadi Sopandi (Jakarta), Gregorius Yolodi & Maria Rosantina (D-Associates, Jakarta), I Ketut Dirgantara (DDAP Architect, Bali), Franky Parulian Simanjuntak (Cavatina Studio, Medan) and Muhammad Ikhsan Hamiru (MIV Architects, Makassar).

I Ketut Dirgantara of DDAP Architects, Bali, at The Conference
Pitupong Chaowakul of Super Machine Studio at The Conference

For the exhibition, brands collaborated with architects and designers to create a more creative and aesthetic display for their products. The layout was unconventional but still easy for visitors to navigate through the hall. In total, more than 150 brands were exhibited. The event featured “Urban Wonders” by Wonders of Weaving, in which BYO Living collaborated with other brands and architects Andra Matin, Bitte Design Studio, K-Thengono, Arkitekton, Seniman Ruang, Ary Indra, Hermawan Dasmanto and Ramadhoni Dwipayana, to create a number of installations. As for Featured Exhibition included the ARCH:ID 2022 gate designed by Imron Yusuf (IFD Architects), Student Best Final Project designed by Tatyana Kusumo and Trianzani Sulshi (Studio Aliri), and Transient Placemaker designed by I Ketut Dirgantara (DDAP Architect).

"Beringin" designed by Ary Indra, Hermawan Dasmanto, dan Ramadhoni Dwipayana, part of Wonder Weaving installations
"Student Best Final Project" designed by Tatyana Kusumo and Trianzani Sulshi (Studio Aliri)

Some of the booths and installations also functioned as venues for Talk Series and Obrolan Tuju-Tuju (Seven Minutes for Seven Speakers). Various topics were presented in these sessions, from brand introduction to discussion about architecture roles in the future. One of the interesting discussions was about how architecture holds an important role in tourism and how big its potential to be a magnet for special interest tourism.

Talk Series

The whole four days ARCH:ID 2022 was packed with 12,300 visitors, consisted of professionals, students and architecture enthusiasts in general. The “Collective Arc”, designed by K-Thengono, received the Best Design Award 2022. Meanwhile, Jotun, Conwood and Bamboo Pure won the Sustainable Construction Material Awards 2022. The next ARCH:ID will be on 16-19 March 2023. Hopefully it will be even bigger, packed with more knowledge and opportunity, and more cities of Indonesia will be joining online.

"Collective Arc" by K-Thengono
Bamboo Pure & Ibuku booth
PUPR (Ministry of Public Works and Housing) booth displayed the designs of projects welcoming the G20 and several heritage renovation projects
Visitors needed to get in line to enter some of the booths
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