ARCH:ID 2024 - Placemaking: Tolerance

By vira

ARCH:ID, an annual architecture forum and trade event, brought together architects, design enthusiasts, developers, urban planners, government agencies and professionals in the architecture and built industry for the fourth time. The event took place from 22-25 February 2024 at Hall 5 - 6 ICE BSD, Tangerang.

The theme was ‘Placemaking: Tolerance’, which focused on the harmonious coexistence of humans, the evolution of cities, the preservation of nature, and the integration of technology. Organised by Indonesian Institute of Architect (IAI) collaborating with PT CIS Exhibition, the programs included exhibition with curated booths, Talk Series, Obrolan Tuju Tuju, BIM Adoption, an international conference, and more.

The exhibition was built in collaboration with supporting brands of building materials. The curatorial team consisted of Nelly Lolita Daniel of LABO., Jacob Gatot Surarjo of Arcadia Architect, and I Ketut Dirgantara of DDAP Archiitect. Other than showcasing products, innovations and creativity, these booths served as meeting points, talk show and performance venues.

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