Compilation of Architecture Around Indonesia (October 2021 )


From batik to buildings, Indonesia is a treasure trove for everything design. In a country of more than 250 million people, there are many great designers with their own signature and niche styles. These preferences abounds in the archipelago and that includes designs for architectural design for homes to skyscrapers.

Explore our first monthly edition of a compilation of 5 awe-inspiring designs of Indonesian architecture. We explore designs from residences to commercial projects, and everything in between.

Bogor Creative Hub Designed by Local Architecture Bureau

This creative hub was designed by Local Architecture Bureau as a collective space for all creative pursuits. Standing on a 1.3 hectare land that extends to the Taman Hutan Raya Bogor, the complex is a single building, with porous accessibility that connects to a park.

The C form is organised to face existing trees and old Dutch colonial buildings in the area. The programme inside, such as the auditorium and gallery, occupy different geometries under a single curvy roof and open terrace.

House of Light Voids by byrayboedi

byrayboedi designed this residential project in Medan that starts from simple lines, which transform into varying shapes and sizes to allow natural lighting throughout the home. An extensive hallway leads dwellers into different scenes of the house.

Building levelling and glass skylight plays a crucial part in creating the atmosphere of the residence. The voids and absence of solid floor slabs provide optimised lighting.

IH Residence by Andra Matin

Located in Bandung, this residence sits on a large and elongated land of about 5,600 sqm. Designed by @studio_andramatin, this detached-house is a long, large massing built in the centre of the elongated site. It’s detached from any site walls to support the cross-ventilation throughout the building.

The large building is balanced with terraces, balconies and wide pools built around the perimeter. Glass and long corridors dominate the façade, providing a sweeping view of the outdoor landscape.

ST-House by Ruangrona

ST-House is a private residence in Bandung, Indonesia. @ruangrona designed the home to laud the lifestyle of the homeowners who love to entertain. Wide apertures in the main area offers panoramic 360° vista of the city. The inner courtyard is a response to the contours of the land; to reduce cut and fill in the land.

Located on a circular road; on the higher contour the house appears as a two-storey, whereas the original height is five floors that can be seen on the road with a lower contour. The residence has 10 bedrooms with three living rooms and a swimming pool.

Al-Irsyad Mosque by Ridhwan Kamil

At first sight, you’d never guess that this minimalist cube in Kota Baru Parahyangan, Bandung is a mosque. After careful observation, it appears that the futuristic building is enveloped with Arabic sentences.

Designed by none other than the Governor of West Java and Bandung’s former mayor and architect, Ridwan Kamil; the building has an open landscape to connect with nature and embrace natural lighting. The award-winning design carries subliminal messages where the architect included 99 light bulbs to represent the 99 names of Allah.

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