Art Attack: Days & Nights with ARTOTEL Sanur


Art has been one of Bali’s tourist magnets over the years. Since April 2016, art enthusiasts are not only able to see art to appreciate it, but also sleep in it! Experience it firsthand at ARTOTEL Sanur - Bali.

PHOTO By Bagus Tri Laksono & ARTOTEL Doc.

Compared to other tourist locations in Bali, Sanur is considered less mainstream. In terms of development, it keeps its laid back lifestyle and serenity. Apart from the growing rows of restaurants, cafes and annual festivals held in Sanur, it is still an ideal place to relax. The location was favoured by our first president, Soekarno who had developed one of Bali’s first hotels here. Earlier this year, Sanur welcomed a new landmark to its midst. With striking design and a strong contemporary art influence, ARTOTEL Sanur - Bali is a stylish lodging space for travellers with a penchant for art.

Entering the hotel, we are greeted by an artwork by Bali-based Pintor Sirait that attracts our attention with its bright colours. The reception desk is located at the left side of the entrance surrounded by more contemporary artworks.

Their famous ROCA restaurant also sits on the ground level. Just like at ARTOTEL’s sister hotels in Surabaya and Jakarta, the restaurant offers a casual dining experience amid modern art and creative interior design (hence the name Restaurant of Contemporary Art). The restaurant and bar have a terrace that faces the road for guests to enjoy their meals in a typical Sanur dining experience.

ARTOTEL, understanding that art is a personal thing, refrains from dictating just one kind of visual presentation to all its rooms. Rather, they showcase multiple options of artworks done by some notable Bali-based contemporary artists: Kemalezedine, Natisa Jones, Ines Katamso and I Made Wiguna Valasara − who offered their honest points of view on what is happening in the Balinese contemporary art scene. Each floor is dedicated to one artist so hotel guests may have this option, along with selecting a room size that ranges from 30, 40 to 55 sqm. What the bedrooms have in common is a calm and modern look decked in monochromatic colour scheme and wooden accents, serving as the backdrop for the vibrant artworks.

To match the mod artworks, ARTOTEL’s architecture was also done in a contemporary manner by Antony Liu and Ferry Ridwan of Studio TonTon. Their respect to tropical architecture is seen on the skins they applied to the hotel building. The skins are made of wooden multiplex to isolate the cool temperature inside the building and insulate the heat from outside. The module was inspired by a simple kite design which also reflects the region’s culture where kite festival is one of the most awaited annual events. This makes the architecture alone to look like a sculpture, making the artsy feeling palpable, inside and out. This panel also appears in the atrium of the hotel, as a background to another artwork of Pintor Sirait “The White Caps” which hangs from the transparent roof that provides a natural spotlight effect.

For those seeking to relax, the hotel offers various spa treatments at SMITA Spa on the rooftop level. Guests can enjoy the tranquil view of the neighbourhood while having a treatment by SMITA’s well-trained therapists. This view can also be seen from the sun deck and infinity swimming pool at the same level. Also within eye sight is the edge of Sanur Beach, which is only a two-minute walk from the building. The hotel will soon open more entertainment facilities such as BART (Bar at the Rooftop) and a beach club.

ARTOTEL is fully committed to serve a contemporary lifestyle to their guests. Therefore, besides being contemporary in their architecture and interior design, they also instill the concept to their staff members. The well-groomed hotel team is young, and encouraged to dress up according to their age and their contemporary fashion and lifestyle preference − think rolled up sleeves, asymmetrical skirts, piercings and tattoos. ARTOTEL hotels take pride in their unique approach in hiring. Believing that being contemporary comes from the boldness to be different, ARTOTEL holds a talent show from which they select their employees. Paired with the Balinese sincere and humble nature, ARTOTEL’s unique dedication to their employees and guests makes their service laudable.

Art lovers have a soft spot for a hotel where they can experience living with art through the days and nights. True to its name, ARTOTEL promises a well-rounded, artful experience. Get yourself pampered in ARTOTEL Sanur - Bali for a pleasant artsy trip.

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Barbara Hahijary
Barbara earned her bachelor's degree in architecture from the Interior Architecture Program of the University of Indonesia in 2013. Historical or heritage buildings, as well as utilitarian design, fascinates her as it is the interaction between people and architecture that remains her favourite topic to explore. Besides architecture, her interests include design, handcrafts, literature and social issues.