Art in Interiors


As our world evolves, culture does too, and art is very much part of that process. Art is no longer limited to painted canvases hung on gallery walls; it has become a personal outlet of expression for those who make and buy it. It's increasingly becoming a necessary component of the modern home, thanks to the myriad ways it can transform a room’s colour and space. Art is a facet of design that accomplishes more than just decorating a room, it provides an exclusive insight to your character.

Homeware and interior design brands have recognised the consumer’s demand for artwork, and have swiftly established collaborations with artists and galleries to create branded artworks of their own. Jay Jeffers and Andrew Martin are examples of successful interior designers who have updated their own collections to include pieces of art amongst their furniture and home accessories.

Acclaimed interior designer Andrew Martin expresses: “Nothing is finished without the art. It’s what designs the space.” Interior designers increasingly recommend that wall art should no longer be treated as an after-thought but should be exploited as a source of inspiration and excitement!

Using the basic principle of a focal point, interior designers draw the viewer’s eye to a distinct component of the design space, inviting them to anticipate the surrounding sections of a room. Artworks would be a logical choice. For example, artwork with an outpouring of colour often works extremely well against a neutral background with the dramatic juxtaposition of shades livening the entire space.

In addition to paintings and prints, sculptures and shadow boxes can add depth and help bring a varying sense of texture into a space. These additions of texture help add visual weight to an interior, which determines the tone of the room and how it feels. Recognising that rough textures are more likely to make a space feel intimate and grounded while smooth textures bring a sleeker, more sultry tone to a room - a sculptural centre piece can be the axis on which the tone of your room turns.

Ultimately, art is the element that can tie a room together and make it feel complete. It is little extra touch that can elevate your space from looking merely functional to appearing as though it belongs on the pages of this very magazine. And it doesn’t have to be the last piece of the puzzle when you’re decorating your space. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Art can be the most important feature of your design - you can use your chosen piece as the igniting spark that inspires the rest of the room.

ISA Art Advisory has designed the interiors of many homes and offices, sourcing artwork and furniture through One of our most recent projects entailed a creative collaboration with BRANZ BSD Apartments in Tangerang. The project was undertaken by Japanese developers and the interiors were heavily influenced by Japanese minimalism and the principles of creating a Zen interior. This Japanese style revolves around cleanliness to achieve an uncluttered, orderly, balanced lifestyle, with a love and respect for nature.

It is believed that the best way to maintain, or even enhance, one’s connection to nature, is to integrate nature into your home. With this in mind, we selected paintings of gently moving water, sprays of flowers, and alluring mountains. The lobby of the BRANZ building, the first room you enter, is defined by these delicate but powerful images which immediately convey an understanding of how the people within it choose to live.

ISA’s holistic approach can be applied to private homes as well as professional spaces. A recent project - a family home in Kedoya, Jakarta - adopted an American theme; its focus being a shared living space at the heart of the house. Walls which separated rooms were torn down so that the living, kitchen and dining spaces all joined as one. Art on the walls was used in place of a segregating structure to characterise the function of each part of the open space; distinguishing them without sectioning them off.

In conclusion, incorporating art into your home is one of the most effective ways to elevate the quality of your everyday life and make a significant difference for the better. It is that little extra touch that can take your space from simply looking functional to appearing as if it should grace the pages of an interior design magazine. As long as you choose the right pieces and sizes, investing in wall art can be a perfect addition for your inter

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