Art Moments Jakarta 2022

By vira

The fifth edition of Art Moments Jakarta (AMJ) came to the city from 4-6 November 2022 at the Grand Ballroom of Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City and Gandaria City Hall. It displayed more arts and artist than the previous ones, not to mention more exciting programs. If you missed the event, not to worry because you can still enjoy the artworks online.

The Art Moments Jakarta Online 4 (AMJO4) is running until 31 January 2023 and you access it through Both AMJ 2022 and AMJO4 go under the theme “Continuance”, which carries the meaning ‘to continue is to evolve, to not lose the sense of self and circumstances’.

Here are some of the artworks exhibited in AMJ 2022:

"El Toro" by Nyoman Nuarta
Museum of Toys booth
A series of the presidens of Republic Indonesia by a Malaysian artis, Hirzaq Harris
Andrey Ostashov, one of the most highlighted artist.
Andry BOY Kurniawan - "Proklamasi" and "Perjamuan yang tak pernah tiba"
Johnie Walker String Man statues are painted by some artists to then be bid to get extra fund for Inernational Women's Club's charity events.
Las but not least, an area in the exhibition dedicated to digtal art and NFT to be more specific.

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