Art Moments Jakarta Online 3 Is Here!

By vira

Art Moments Jakarta has continued to exist and promote fine arts even through the hard times of pandemic. This year it will present more than 1,200 artworks from 52 art galleries worldwide in the hybrid form, both offline and online exhibitions.

L to R: Putri Hidajat, Helen K. Silitonga, Sendy Widjaja, Ann Delny, Viana Dien Igah, Rizki Zaelani.

The offline exhibition will open on 9 June 2022 for VIP and invited guests. Public viewing will start from 10-12 June 2022 and the location will be at Art:1 New Museum, Jalan Rajawali Selatan Raya No. 3, Jakarta. The 4,000 square meters area of the museum will give visitors a convenient experience of enjoying the displayed artworks.

Three prominent artists whose works are going to be displayed at the exhibition were present at the Press Conference in The Hermitage, Jakarta: Nus Solomon, Kong Andri and Mira Hoeng. Nus will present his works under the theme of Indonesian endemic animals, Kong Andri, a successful NFT artist will present his works inspired by collectible toys, and Mira will display her latest collection of vibrant textile works. Since last year, the Art Moments Jakarta Online has been partly supported by the Japanese government. This year, a Japanese-Indonesian art association will be launched at the event, and there will be a display of artworks by Japanese artists.

Aside from the art exhibition, there will also be exciting events at Art Moments Jakarta Online 3 for visitors: a workshop with Balinese visual artist, I Made Bayak, about how to turn plastic waste into artworks, a presentation of “Pirous & Post-War Indonesian Art” by Wang Zineng, and a tribute to a contemporary artist I Made Wianta. As art events are usually attended by many fashion lovers, there will also be a special event, Party at the Museum. It will be held on the opening night with the theme of Fashion Street Style and there will be a prize for the most unique and the best-dressed.

L to R: Sendy Widjaja, Mira Hoeng, Nus Solomon, Rizki Zaelani, Kong Andri.

Art Moments Jakarta was founded by Leo Silitonga, who recently passed away. Taking the baton is Sendy Widjaja as Co-Founder and Fair Director, with the help of his excellent team members:

● Advisor: Helen Koeswoyo Silitonga

● Artistic Director: Khai Hori

● Operations Director: Putri Hidayat

● VIP Relations Director: Deborah Iskandar

● Business Development Director: Ann Delny

● Public Relations Director: Viana Dien Igah

● Curator: Rizki Zaelani

The team will continue to develop Art Moments Jakarta to be one of the most important art fairs in Indonesia and a place for artists and art galleries to grow in the region.

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