ARTJOG 2020: Resilience in the face of a pandemic


Indonesia’s leading contemporary art festival ARTJOG returns for its 13th year in 2020 with the theme “Resilience”. Celebrating the artistic expressions of over 150 local artists and creators, the event is appropriately themed to represent the tireless attitude of the creative industry in continuing to create art during this global pandemic.

Museum of New Norm - Eko Nugroho

Besides displaying highly anticipated works by Indonesia’s own talents, ARTJOG serves to cultivate solidarity and strengthen social bonds during this difficult time. Now more than ever, we need art more to inspire us and to serve as a much-needed escape.

Artworks byNindityo, Wedhar Riyadi and Melati Suryodarmo at ARTJOG

Like most festivals, ARTJOG has always been an in-person event that welcomes art aficionados to their venue. However, this time around, ARTJOG is adapting to the current environment and is offering both a socially distanced event at Jogja National Museum and a virtual exhibition on their site from August 8 until October 10.

This time ARTJOG spotlights ARTCARE, a charity program that was started by a community called Soboman 219 when the earthquakes hit Jogja back in 2006. Now, ARTCARE returns with an initiative involving 100 artists who created collaborative packages containing small 2D artworks for sale. Proceeds from the sale will be donated to those who need it most, both artists and the general public.

The celebrated art festival is also introducing something new this year, the Murakabi Movement. An initiative based on ‘Sandang, Pangan, Papan’, or the philosophy of clothing, food, shelter and poetry, the Murakabi Movement highlights indigineous concerns by presenting an art dialog based on those three pillars. Murakabi is set to be a permanent program that will continue to be an integral part of ARTJOG.

Be sure to check ARTJOG’s calendar of events for the coming weeks and mark your calendars.

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