ARTJOG MMXXII Expanding Awareness

ARTJOG MMXXII Expanding Awareness

By vira

Almost two months have passed, where ARTJOG, the much-anticipated annual art exhibition, took place. Running from 7 July until today at Jogja National Museum, ARTJOG MMXXII Expanding Awareness closes their series of festivals, which since 2019 has been framed with the umbrella theme of ‘arts-in-common’.

Heri Pemad, the director of ARTJOG, stated in the opening ceremony, “Awareness in this sense is a mental condition where someone is knowing something, which is not limited to what’s happening today, but also the ideal condition of the future.” Whereas Dolorosa Sinaga, a seasoned artist who also exhibited her works in the event, said, “It should also mean an expansion of concern.”

Heri Pemad at the opening of ARTJOG
Agung Hujatnika, a curator of ARTJOG.

Inclusivity and Resiliency

The exhibition features the works of 61 Indonesian artists. According to Agung Hujatnika, a curator of ARTJOG, the curatorial selection and the design of educational programs this year cover a spectrum that exists outside the mainstream Indonesian arts. This year the event is more inclusive to art practiced by children, youth and disabled communities. They believe that through art we can make a change to improve the access gap in Indonesia, through the interaction between artists, the artworks and the visitors. And hopefully, in the future ARTJOG will still maintain the spirit of inclusiveness.

Artworks by Ba(wa)yang, a community of youth with disability.
Workshop of sculpture making by Dolorosa Sinaga
"Catatan Pinggir Jurang" by Angki Purbandono & Alex Abbad

Aside from the exhibition, ARTJOG comprises a series of programs that include Workshop, Exhibition Tour, Weekly Performance, Discussion, Meet the Artist, Jogja Art Weeks and Young Artist Award. The winners of Young Artist Award (YAA) are Dzikra Afifah, Rizka Azizah Hayati and Timoteus Anggawan Kusno, chosen by judges Hendro Wiyanto, Titarubi and the curators of ARTJOG.

The winners of Young Artist Award
"Magical Crocodile" by Rizka Aziza Hayati, one of the winners of YAA

This year ARTJOG invited Christine Ay Tjoe to create an artwork specifically to respond to the theme Expanding Awareness. She created an interactive installation titled “Personal Denominator”, inspired by a tardigrade, a micro animal that has the ability to survive in extreme conditions. The predominant issues raised in the artworks are survival and resiliency in response to the pandemic and the alarming environmental issues.

"Personal Denominator" by Christine Ay Tjoe, an interactive installation.
"Rumah dalam Rumah Farida" by Iwan Yusuf

The Closing of ARTJOG MMXXII

Around 60,000 visitors from across Indonesia and other countries including America, Australia, Japan, Germany, Thailand and Singapore visited ARTJOG. And today, 4 September 2022 is the closing of the event. There will be a special performance by Jogja Hip Hop Foundation and DJ Y-DRA – Koplotronika and a special presence by a renowned artist Butet Kartaredjasa.

When a big annual event like this is closing, a question that pops up in one’s mind would be, “When is the next one going to be?” Worry not, because the next date has been announced. ARTJOG MMXXIII is going to run from 30 June-27 August 2023. Get ready for more great arts and more innovations!

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