BMW: What Luxury Experience Entails in the Auto World


We crafted luxury in the perfect combination of agility, sportiness, and dynamism to provide sheer driving pleasure

Karen Lim

President Director of BMW Group Indonesia

BACKGROUND. Karen Lim has served as the President Director of BMW Group Indonesia since August 2014. Previously, she held the position of Finance Director for BMW Group Asia from 2005, after holding several positions in the Finance, Accounting and Human Resource divisions since joining the German automotive group in 1998. The group, through its three brands, namely BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce, is one of the leading companies in the world in the premium car and motorcycle sector.

Could you please share how BMW defines ‘luxury’?

Authentic, compelling and, above all, modern luxury draws on a well of tradition and pioneering spirit, as rooted in years of experience, deep knowledge and a talent for innovation. It represents the fruit of peerless expertise in various fields of development with attention to detail, high-quality materials, and a personal touch in every contact, product, and service we offer that make us the leading provider of premium mobility and technology in the automotive world.

How does BMW infuse luxury into its products?

Not only does a car have to look and feel good, BMW cars also have to offer a functional value that strengthens its charisma. The all-new BMW 5 Series’ chassis, for example, uses stronger yet lighter architecture, helping the car to perform more smoothly while dazzling every eye it meets on the road that make this sedan the most successful business sedan in the world. It is an example of how we crafted luxury in the perfect combination of agility, sportiness, and dynamism to provide BMW’s signature sheer driving pleasure.

Are there other ways that you provide a luxury experience?

Far more than just offering luxury cars, we are also in the front line of customer service and after-sales programmes through the BMW Service Inclusive, BMW Tire Coverage and BMW Automotive Liability and the 24-hour BMW Roadside Assistance programmes.

What are your criteria in making luxury vehicles?

There are at least three main attributes that define a luxury vehicle: exterior design, attention to detail and the power to support all the beauty. When you drive a BMW vehicle, you know that you’re in control of something that is extraordinarily crafted with strong appearance, and a cohesive and intuitive design, yet powerful. Furthermore, we ensure that every vehicle is personalised to individual taste and preference with BMW Individual.

What comes next at BMW and how will this meet the current need for a luxury lifestyle?

Following our centenary celebrations, BMW is all about embracing the future with mobility that’s sustainable and forward-thinking. At the same time, our technological efforts embody what luxury should be about: subtlety yet offering advanced functions that truly matter to our customers’ lifestyles. Examples are the BMW 8 Series, BMW X7, BMW i8 and BMW i8 Roadster, which are joining the BMW 7 Series in the brand’s significantly expanded luxury segment line-up. These were introduced at the Frankfurt IAA 2017 show on 14-24 September 2017.

Could you elaborate on what has changed in the luxury vehicle market over the past decade?

Besides the architecture and the engines, assistance system technologies such as BMW Display Key, BMW Park Assist, BMW Ambient Air Package and the ever-improving iDrive system with BMW Gesture Control enhance the luxurious experience for the driver and passengers alike. We will continue with this approach and improve even further on the all-encompassing experience for our customers.

Finally, sustainability will always be at the heart of our future products, and in this respect BMW i has already made a strong contribution. The manufacturing process of BMW i has revolutionized automobile production with the use of less energy and more renewable materials throughout the process. Luxury should be enjoyed while also leaving a smaller carbon footprint for future generations.

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