Bogor Creative Hub

Bogor Creative Hub


This creative hub was designed by Local Architecture Bureau as a collective space for all creative pursuits. Standing on a 1.3 hectare land that extends to the Taman Hutan Raya Bogor. The complex is a single building, with porous accessibility that connects to a park.

The C form is organised to face existing trees and old Dutch colonial buildings in the area. The programme inside such as the auditorium and gallery, occupy different geometries under a single curvy roof and open terrace.

Visitors will be taken to repetitive columns, combining the terrace within the inside-outside area to the park providing an inclusive environment between education, leisure and outdoor performance.

The designers included the historical building and dense forest in the design by creating a simple, not intrusive yet a flexible composition - like a blank canvas to encourage the creative spirit that the hub is meant to be.

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Shaza Dzulkifly
A Malaysian who now calls Indonesia her home. Shaza's career has taken her across multiple communications channels such as radio, TV, print, digital and social as well as PR and advertising.