Book Review: Simply Refined, The Works of Prasetio Budhi


Prasetio Budhi is a recognised name in the world of interior design in Indonesia as a prominent advocate to the development of the industry in the country. From his various participation with creative activities to presenting his spectacular projects through several exhibitions with the 12 Indonesian Designers group, Pras always amazes clients and connoisseurs for his work with expressive, elegant, and soulful designs.

Fondly known as Pras, the interior designer's book is an appreciation of the creative process and thinking in totality to achieve satisfaction for clients and his work. The first book containing a collection of his works was published in 2012 titled Simply Stated; The Works of Prasetio Budhi.

After eight years, Pras presents his second book with the title Simply Refined; The Works of Prasetio Budhi. There are nine carefully curated works that will take the reader on a visual journey to enjoy interior design that are characterised, artistic, expressive, and elegant.

This eight-year gap is more than enough time for Pras to create a second book with works that reflect how Pras has matured in his craft. His designs has a unique complexity, but is also simple and pragmatic at the same time.

Experience and thought is a journey to find and rediscover meaning and understanding in finding designs that are aligned and appropriate for clients and projects he took on. The appearance of the nine dwellings in this second book shows the quality of maturity and fine design details without any doubts or creative boundaries in realising each residence.

In this second book, Pras engaged photographer Peter Tjahjadi, who is familiar with Pras's design style and character from the first book. Through artistic photographs, this second book expresses much of Pras' concern and sensitivity in mixing and matching interior elements and styles to achieve precise and inspiring expressions.

As an interior designer, Pras is inspired by the architecture that embodies his design. In this second book, architect Jasin Tejasukmana reveals his impression and experience working with Pras. “Pras always managed to build a soul and character in his work. One of the few Indonesian interior designers who designs with sharp intuition and sensitivity to see the needs and context of architecture as a whole," said Jasin in his opening remarks.

In addition, Widi Wardhana, philanthropist and long-time client, also shared his impression and interactions with Pras. "Working with Pras is so much fun, he really appreciates me as a client and also understands my taste," said Widi.

Meanwhile, a colleague at ID12, Ary Juwono shared his views and appreciation for Pras and his work. “Pras is an example of extraordinary self-control over so many choices. All through measured and careful considerations," said Ary.

In Pras's creative hands, space is processed with care and creativity in mixing and matching design styles. One strength that makes his work always "deep, expressive and touching".

“I like to mix and match design styles. Arrange them in an orderly manner, not messy and each element has a dialogue with each other and is in the right place,"said Pras.

Each of his works is a reflection of the homeowner's story and how the space embodies the imagination of clients. Homes should be warmer and more welcoming than showrooms. "Good design is effortless".

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