The Breathtaking View From This 60-metre High Poolside Villas

Photography By Bagus Tri Laksono

Slowly but surely coming out of Bali's shadow, Lombok is an attractive destination with its own charm — just take a look at the breathtaking ocean vistas visible from Wyndham Sundancer Resort Lombok's latest suite addition.

The Indonesian government has been developing the future of the country's tourism by planning to build "10 New Balis”. This new vision, initiated by President Joko Widodo, has set a clear benchmark by means of designing and implementing a strategic and coordinated plan and effort, including issuing relaxing visa restrictions.

Thankfully, with over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, offering rich diversities of nature, culture, heritage and culinary enjoyment. One of these islands is Lombok. Located in the West Nusa Tenggara province, Lombok - dubbed the new Bali - is a tourism destination waiting to be unravelled.

Slowly rising in popularity, the charm of Lombok Island is starting to attract many visitors, and with its pristine natural sceneries there has been significant investment within the tourism industry on the island. Renowned international hospitality brand Wyndham Destinations has recognised the long-term viability of Lombok as a tourism destination and has extended its current portfolio on the island.

Since opening its doors in September 2018, Wyndham Sundancer Resort Lombok is one of 11 Wyndham properties in Indonesia. It is an all-suite resort offering guests one and two bedroom suites with breathtaking ocean vistas of the Lombok Straits as well as the South Western Gilli Islands. The resort is located just outside the dense tourist area on the western coast of Lombok island.

Home to 66 suites, this charming beach resort adopts a Mediterranean style that is dominated by blue azure and a white nuance intertwined with wooden elements and surrounded by a lush landscape mimicking a coconut plantation. A beautiful lagoon-like swimming pool lies in the middle of the resort as the focal point, featuring a pool bar and a wooden sun deck used as the yoga space in the morning. Over on the hillside of this resort facing the swimming pool stands a series of two-storey villas each housing four suites, right by the two-floor all-day dining Sunrise restaurant with an open floor concept which boasts a nice alfresco terrace facing the pool. On the second floor sits an air-conditioned function hall called The Bukit.

The spirit of the modern Mediterranean style architecture from clean lines, columns, expansive open floor plan, the use of wood to the pink rock face sandstone in the façade is implemented cohesively throughout the resort. The terracotta element that often appears in this concept can be seen as part of the interior aesthetic inside the spa treatment rooms.

This year, Wyndham Sundancer Resort in Lombok has also increased their room offering by adding a series of Hillside Sea View Pool Villas with ocean views, perched atop a hill. Of the 43 hectares, the current resort occupies a small part of the land, with the rest of the natural space largely untouched.

During our recent visit, we were treated to a luxurious feast for the senses with a stay in the new Hillside Sea View Pool Villa, which is situated at more than 60 metres above sea level, complete with a spectacular view of the sea from above.

There are nine one-bedroom villas spanning 136 sqm and two bedroom villas offering guests 190 square meters of luxury and privacy. All of these nine newly-built villas are designed by Bali based architect, Chris Diono from CHArchitect who uses concrete stilts to support the design foundation. His design also demonstrates environmentally-sensitive planning and design, where the existing natural beauty and drama of the site is retained. Each villa is equipped with an en-suite bathroom that leads to the private sundeck, a modern kitchen, and a living room that opens up to the outdoor area. Here, we can find the infinity pool, the sun deck, and a gazebo overlooking a dramatic sea view of south-west Lombok.

The villas have a sophisticated and eclectic feel to its interior design aesthetic with a touch of Indonesian heritage such as rattan furniture to ikat textile. Following the Mediterranean design of the main buildings in the resort, these luxurious villas have plenty of space to allow natural sunlight to provide a warmth and glow to the rooms.

The way we see it, Wyndham Sundancer Resort in Lombok uses the island’s potential to create that authentic experience that is combined with the power of the design. It is only a matter of time before the world catches onto the majesty and beauty of Lombok, and the destination will become the new Bali.

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