Budiarsa Sastrawinata: Envisioning the Future with Leadership Savvy


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Having extensive expertise in the realm of property, Budiarsa Sastrawinata has been instrumental as managing director at Ciputra Group. In addition to his remarkable leadership capabilities, which have enabled him to hold concurrent key positions in various other companies, he was recently appointed as the 58th FIABCI
(The International Real Estate Federation) World President for the period of 2023-2024. In an interview with Indonesia Design, he elaborates on his dedication to accomplishing FIABCI’s objectives, sheds light on Ciputra’s latest ventures, shares his insights on architecture and design, and discusses the future of Indonesia’s property industry.

Managing Director Ciputra Group Budiarsa Sastrawinata

Congratulations on your appointment as FIABCI World President 2023 - 2024. Do you have any specific goals that you aim to achieve during your tenure at FIABCI?
I was officiated on June 9, 2023, in conjunction with the closing of the 73rd FIABCI Congress, which was held on 5-9 June 2023, in Miami, Florida. It has only been a little over a month, but I have pledged to strive for three objectives during my presidency at FIABCI. Firstly, I aim to focus on chapter development through international cross-border collaboration and the creation of business opportunities among members. Every FIABCI member is entitled to access valuable opportunities to sustain and scale their businesses. With a steadily increasing number of chapters and members, collaboration within the FIABCI global network is essential to ensure continuous business growth. Secondly, I will prioritize the promotion of structured and systematic knowledge sharing and the sharing of best practices among FIABCI chapter members. With dozens of chapters worldwide, FIABCI is rich with information, know-how, and experience. This wealth of knowledge is our greatest strength. Lastly, I will encourage stronger cooperation with other international institutions. Partnerships are fundamental for the sustainable growth of our federation. By maintaining a reputable image and engaging in a wide range of activities, we can help FIABCI grow organically and attract new members.

CitraGarden Serpong

Can you provide an overview of the company’s most recent projects? Are there any new projects in the pipeline?
In early 2023, we launched the CitraGarden Serpong project, spanning over 350 hectares of land. This project offers numerous advantages, such as its proximity to the Serpong-Pondok Indah toll road, Cisauk KRL station, as well as educational and shopping centres. We achieved remarkable sales of Rp 1.3 trillion, highlighting the continuous high consumer interest in housing. Our latest venture is the CitraLake Villa, an upscale residential project situated in Citra 6, CitraGarden City, and West Jakarta. This project, known as “A Truly Lakefront Villa” concept, is part of Finehomes Signature, representing a luxurious residence nestled amidst a lake and expansive greenery.

Citra City Sentul is another coming residential project this year located in the scenic Sentul area of West Java. Spanning over 400 hectares, it is surrounded by picturesque hills and natural beauty. To support the government’s initiatives, we are actively involved in the development of the National Capital City in Nusantara, East Kalimantan, and remain committed to ensuring its sustainable progress, irrespective of changes in government regimes. This commitment is further exemplified through a cooperation agreement signed by Ciputra Group and the Capital Authority Body via Bina Karya (Persero). We aspire to continue contributing to Nusantara by undertaking projects that benefit the city’s residents.

The signing of MOU for Indonesia’s New Capital

What is your perspective on the role of design in architecture? How do you incorporate design and architectural elements into your company’s projects?
Design plays a crucial role in architecture by providing added value and capturing the needs and trends of the industry. In order to compete and thrive in the property business, creativity is essential in architectural design. A well-executed design not only produces high-quality products but also ensures user comfort, energy efficiency, and the creation of urban spaces that cater to people’s activities and lifestyles. Whilst architecture is not solely an art form, it is a design process that aims to fulfil consumers’ functional requirements. Listening to the voice of the consumer is paramount in the design phase, similar to how an architect listens to a client’s needs. However, in the property industry, the clients are the collective consumers. Therefore, architects in this industry must be adept at understanding and incorporating various needs, aspirations, lifestyles, and emerging trends into their work, which will be appreciated by the wider public.

Ciputra Hanoi International City

What are your insights on the property scene in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta and other major cities? How does Indonesia’s property development compare to that of neighbouring countries?

With a population of more than 270 million people, predominantly centred on the island of Java, Indonesia presents a significant opportunity for the growth of the property sector. The business model employed by the Ciputra Group exemplifies how we can contribute to the development of the property sector in major cities and their supporting satellite cities. Compared to neighbouring countries, Indonesia enjoys greater flexibility in developing large-scale residential property projects, particularly for landed house properties. Given Indonesia’s continuously growing population, the demand for housing and property will always remain a prominent factor.

Citra Towers in Jakarta

What are your thoughts on the long-term future of the Indonesian property industry? Specifically, how do you view the future of Ciputra Group?

We hold a positive outlook for the long-term growth of the Indonesian property industry, including the Ciputra Group as a prominent player with a diverse range of projects. The company’s ability to address challenges and embrace innovative strategies is evident across various aspects. In the first semester of 2023, Ciputra Group achieved a noteworthy marketing sale of Rp 5.1 trillion, indicating a significant 27 per cent increase compared to Rp 4.0 trillion in the same period of 2022. The company is also expanding its portfolio by introducing new clusters or products within its existing projects. These remarkable accomplishments inspire great confidence in us that the Ciputra Group will continue to thrive and evolve as a leading property company in the future. Furthermore, the company’s commitment to innovation, meeting the housing needs of communities, and embracing digitalization will drive its sustainable growth and development as part of the Ciputra Group.

Grand Shenyang International City

Apart from your position as managing director at Ciputra Group, you also hold leadership positions in several other companies. How do you effectively manage your time while handling your daily activities?

I have several supporting factors that enable me to carry out my role well in the company, family, as well as professional and social organisations outside the daily work routine. The key here is time management, which allows me to effectively allocate my time and prioritize tasks. Additionally, a strong and trustworthy team management system helps me delegate work and authority, ensuring clarity and efficiency among my team members. I am fortunate to be supported by good professional teams and family members who share the same passion and vision, and currently, my children are actively involved and hold management positions within the Ciputra Group, further strengthening our collective commitment to success.

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