Cattelan Italia and Arketipo Firenze at Plaza Indonesia: Cattelan Charm

Cattelan Italia and Arketipo Firenze at Plaza Indonesia: Cattelan Charm


Story by Iman Hidajat | Photos by Piet Kalalo Sengkey

Known for her timeless and elegant designs, Joke Roos, the founder of Studio Air Putih, focuses on the needs and characters of her clients. Joke derives joy in designing a functional form that enhances the quality of life, celebrates culture, and at the same time, has an aesthetic appeal. One of her recent projects, the Cattelan Italia showroom in Grand Hyatt Galleria at Plaza Indonesia is a perfect example.

Living room set-up with Arketipo Moss sofa

Time flies with interior designer Joke Roos. She recently outlined her approach for the Cattelan Italia showroom to Indonesia Design. “When designing a showroom, there are always limitations and changes to be made,” she begins the conversation. “I have to follow the guidelines from Cattelan Italia but also try inserting my style into the design.”

Cattelan Italia is a family business that has been bringing ‘Made in Italy’ innovation and design to homes all over the world, since 1979. Present in over 140 countries, the brand has been able to renew its offer by meeting the tastes of a sophisticated international public.

Cattelan Nasdaq Keramik desk

Coming from an architectural background, Joke firmly believes that functionality is the cornerstone of all her work, alongside visual aesthetics. “A showroom should be able to entice everyone to come in and see what available inside,” Joke said. “So, I made the layout like someone entering a residential house or a luxury apartment. The first setting is a living room which exudes friendly and warm impressions for people to come in,” she conveyed.

Recreating domestic settings, for example, the dining room in the corner of the showroom, a bedroom, and a working area, allow potential customers to fully imagine how the products can be adapted for their spaces.

Joke Roos

Joke’s designs successfully married all the objectives. The colour choice complements the collections displayed from Cattelan Italia and Arketipo Firenze. The luxury ambience is accentuated through lighting by SSA Lighting. The whole effect maintains a welcoming atmosphere, which is the DNA of Joke’s design. “I made the layout spacious and created a partial room division to make it more flexible,” she continued.

Exclusively operated by Melandas since 2009, the 122 sqm showroom welcomes customers to enter and enjoy the collections of Cattelan Italia and Arketipo Firenze, and it also attracts passers-by. “There is a luxury in it, and there is its uniqueness,” Joke concluded.

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