Celebrating Ibu Arsitek’s 5-Year Journey: Celebrating Growth, Transformation & Impact of Female Architects

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The vibrant and inspiring exhibition and series of programs, "Selebrasi 5 Tahun Ibu Arsitek" (The Celebration of Ibu Arsitek's 5-Year Journey), hosted at Dia.Lo.Gue Kemang, Jakarta, is open to the public from 15 December 2023 to 2 January 2024. This momentous event marks the extraordinary journey of the female architects' community, delving into the concept of a connected home where each space unfolds a unique narrative through the integration of visuals, sound, scent, and texture.

The exhibition starts from the entrance of Dia.Lo.Gue

Established on 22 December 2018 at the same venue, Dia.Lo.Gue Kemang, in conjunction with National Mother's Day, Ibu Arsitek commemorates the historic first Indonesian Women's Congress held on the same date in 1928. Initiated by three visionary female architects, the community has flourished over the last five years into a robust network of 14 women who have remained actively collaborative, even amid the challenges posed by the pandemic. This year, Ibu Arsitek, alongside 35 other dedicated women, is committed to hosting a special celebration, joined by over 300 female architecture practitioners from across Indonesia.

L to R: Doti Windajani, Wendy Djuhara, Osrithalita Gabriela, Stephanie Larassati, Fauzia Evanindya

Osrithalita Gabriela, co-Initiator of Ibu Arsitek and the event director of this celebration, underscores the significance of mutual support among women and the immediate support system in overcoming challenges faced by women in the field of architecture in Indonesia.

“Ibu Arsitek has a simple yet profound goal, to be a home that connects and supports women who love and choose a career in the world of architecture. This includes addressing challenges such as workplace stigma against women and the delicate balance of career and family responsibilities.”

Part of the exhibition
Adults and kids can have fun in the exhibition with the pillows

This celebration goes beyond merely showcasing architectural works; it is an ode to the stories of Indonesian women, shedding light on their realities and contributions in the field of architecture. The exhibition's concept is centered around elevating the profile of women in architecture, showcasing diverse practices, backgrounds, domiciles, and generations.

The exhibition curators, Fauzia Evanindya and Stephanie Larassati, have carefully chosen eleven hosts for the exhibition. These hosts are responsible for curating over 70 profiles of Indonesian women in architecture, spotlighting their strengths, journeys, personalities, and significant contributions.

Part of the workshop that resembles a living room

The series of events include exhibitions, discussions, and workshops, with the pinnacle being the Ibu Arsitek gathering on 22 December 2023. These activities symbolize the growth, transformation, and the positive impact of women in the field of architecture.

- 14 December 2023: The opening of the Ibu Arsitek Exhibition (invitation-only)

- 15 December 2023 – 2 January 2024: The Ibu Arsitek Exhibition (open to public)

- 15 & 17 December 2023: Ibu Arsitek Talks

- 15, 16, 22, 23 December 2023: Ibu Arsitek Workshops (for children)

- 22 December 2023 (Mother's Day): Highlight Event - Discussion, Networking, and Celebration of Ibu Arsitek

For more information, please contact Vini at 085711720137 or visit Ibu Arsitek’s website at http://ibuarsitek.org and Instagram @ibuarsitek

Ibu Arsitek community

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