Christy Guna Desa: Walk the Talk


The General Manager’s strong leadership skills are reflected in the exceptional service provided by his team at Fairfield by Marriott Bali Kuta. Their attentiveness is on a par with their counterparts from the luxury segment. Christy Guna Desa reveals to Indonesia Design that there is more than meets the eye at this wallet-friendly property on Sunset Road.

Christy Guna Desa

What is the soul of Fairfield in general? And specifically Fairfield by Marriott Bali Kuta Sunset Road?
The soul of Fairfield by Marriott lies in the beauty of simplicity and ensuring that all our guests are guaranteed to enjoy their stay.

At Fairfield by Marriott Bali Kuta Sunset Road, the team are committed to providing clean and modern rooms, good local F&B delights together with great service.

Sustainability is becoming more important for modern travellers, how does the hotel address this?
We have eliminated plastic water bottles in the guest rooms. This is to ensure that 32,959 mineral water bottles don’t land in the TPA Suwung landfill in Bali in one year.

We don’t use plastic bags; instead, we use gunny bags for both front and back of house. Even the room amenities are all in non-plastic packaging.

We do our own composting and separate all waste to ensure that organic waste can be composted. This property walks the talk when it comes to sustainability.

What is the marketing strategy during the pandemic?
We were lucky that, even before we opened, we were already focusing on the domestic market. We knew that due to our location we would be a hit amongst Indonesians. So, when the pandemic happened, we just continued with the same marketing strategy.

What are the strengths of Fairfield by Marriott Bali Kuta Sunset Road that set it apart from neighbouring hotels?
The people! 60 percent of the workforce are from the local Kuta community area. The team is well trained in the Marriott standards to ensure that all guests are delighted and taken care of. The rooms are modern, clean and minimalist.

Our commitment to our clean program ensures that all guests feel protected through safe health protocols that are implemented with discipline.

Our food and drinks are based around good local produce with affordable pricing! In that sense, we are very responsive to the tastes and expectations of our local guests.

You have lived in Indonesia for more than 10 years, what do you think are the country’s strong points in terms of hospitality?
The people - humility, enterprising and the willingness to learn. That sets Indonesians apart from the rest of the world!

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