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Citi Indonesia (Citibank) has just relocated their general office operation to South Jakarta business district as part of Citi’s global strategy. In this new office, Citibank introduces its Citi Works concept in response to the latest workplace trends for today’s employees. The new office couples the best in design with a rigorous strategy, delivering successful spaces that delight as much as they are environmentally friendly. Let’s take a closer look.

PHOTO BY Bagus Tri Laksono & Mario Wibowo

The reception area of this new Citibank office is located on the 10th floor of the building. This area serves as a main junction of Citi’s clients receiving space and internal training rooms. As you enter, you will be greeted by a generous view of the southern Jakarta, which overlooks the green surroundings and further afar - if you are lucky - could also have a glimpse of the beautiful top of Mount Salak.

The lobby is designed in subtle colours using the elegant white statuario venato marble flooring which makes the room feel spacious and grand. The backdrop of the reception table is covered with white Corian that brings up a clean and modern feel while the facing panel adds a warmth feeling to the interior with its wooden finish. The repeated pattern of this wooden panel makes a bold statement of local design touch that stands up amongst the remaining modern interior, which serves its purpose as an interesting showcase. Couple of inviting lounge chairs sit facing the reception desk, so that guests and customers can wait in comfort.

Moving to the opposite side of this grand reception, we step to a different ambience of Citibank’s cafeteria (Khatulistiwa Café). This 1,000 sqm internal cafeteria is provided by Citibank to allow their 2,300 employees in South Quarter building for an access to healthy meal with sensible price.

This café has a casual atmosphere, so staff can simply relax at lunchtime or grab a table for a casual meeting throughout the day and can also be used for occasional corporate events.

As part of Citibank’s commitment to support local products, the Khatuliswa Cafe interior has incorporated strong local elements as we can easily recognise its terracotta wall, Asmat inspired panels, pop art wayang custom design pendant lamp and 100 per cent locally made cafeteria furniture which was carefully selected by Citibank together with their Indonesian interior designer Ted Sulisto.

To further complement the healthy lifestyle for its employees, Citibank also provides alternative recreation area at the end of the cafeteria with two massage chairs, ping-pong table and several multifunction spaces for occasional yoga.

After experiencing the attractive client-facing area and cafeteria, the next area to be explored is of course, the new Citi Works Office.

Batara Sianturi, CEO of Citibank Indonesia emphasises, “Citi Works transforms the way we work and collaborate with each other. Designed in ultra modern space and high-end mobile connectivity, it allows us to improve communications, be it top down, bottom up and among employees in general.”

In addition, Junita Roemawi, head of Corporate Realty Services, Citibank Indonesia says, “Citi Works is an open working environment with high-end technologies that support employees diverse work style. This new trend of working is part of Citibank global initiatives and has also proven to improve staff collaboration, increase work productivity and satisfaction as well as attracting the next generation of talent. As an added bonus, it also has a higher efficiency in both cost and space from real estate point of view.”

Designed by Geyer, in collaboration with its local partner PTI Interiors, the office benefits from a diverse range of design functionalities throughout the workspace. Calm-coloured interior finishes, such as the carpet tiles by Interface, are accentuated with lively colours from the wall panels, which also serve as acoustic panels and floor thematic colour. All office and meeting rooms are located in the building core, so the open workspace can enjoy natural daylight and scenery.

“Wellbeing of our employees is number one priority. Therefore, Citibank is willing to invest in the best ergonomic options for our working desk and chairs by using features such as sit-to-stand desk and fully adjustable ergonomic chairs and monitor arms”, adds Junita.

Each typical floor provides working desk with two connected flat screen monitors, flex-office, various types of meeting and working areas to support agile working environment.

Work points such as Focus Pods and Enclosed Touch Down rooms are available for employees who need to work privately while collaborative space like Open Team Media and Huddle Rooms are located strategically in every floor to enable impromptu meetings.

To enable global connectivity and reduce carbon footprint for business travel, most meeting rooms in Citi Works office are equipped with webcams and video conference facilities. The work-café area on each floor is also designed for staff collaboration area where they can sit and enjoy food or have informal meeting with their colleagues.

“Citi Works provides activity-based working within the new office. There is a diverse range of meeting spaces, both formal and informal, as well as Work Café where staff can dine in while having a casual meeting. Non-dedicated desks allow staff to work closer with their colleagues on projects and teams can change and remodel to suit business needs. The work environment provide connectivity, choice and flexibility,” shares Yofianto Soetono, director of PTI Interiors.

On top of their topmost Citi Works office design, Citibank also pays attention to waste management by providing separate recycle bins for paper, plastic, glass and organic waste. These initiatives, along with their choice of eco-friendly materials and energy efficient (star rating) equipment throughout the workplace, have led Citibank South Quarter to be one of the first LEED Gold Interior offices in Indonesia.

Citibank also provides common facilities for employee welfare. Staff can go to one of Mushola facilities across the office for daily prayers. There is also a sick bay for a quick lie down whenever someone feels unwell and Mother’s Rooms that are fully equipped with lactation facilities for nursing mothers.

As a leading global bank that connects clients in 160 countries and jurisdictions, Citibank is fully committed to strengthen its business in Indonesia, and one of the initiatives is to provide the best working environment for its employees who have been successfully materialised in their amazing South Quarter Office and will soon be followed by their ongoing Front Office project development that will be completed in February 2018.

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