Conserving Nature with the Embassy of Ecuador

By vira

Indonesia Design was honoured to be invited by H.E. Santiago Chavez Pareja, Ambassador of Ecuador to Indonesia, and Ecuagenera to the opening ceremony of the Exhibition of Ecuadorian Plants at the Jakarta Pop Up Plant. The event was also greatly supported by Apex Farmhouse, Flona and Pelant Nursery.

<em><strong>The Ambassador of Ecuador to Indonesia H.E. <b><i>Santiago Chavez Pareja</i></b></strong></em>

Ecuagenera Cia. Ltda. is an Ecuador-based company specialised in the production and conservation of orchid species and hybrids. They hold a show and sale event to introduce new hybrids in various countries, including Indonesia. 300 samples were brought from Ecuador to the event, displayed alongside various orchids from diverse areas in Indonesia.

<strong><em>Various plants from Ecuador</em></strong>

The event was was attended by plant lover associations as well as landscape designers, and was officiated by the ambassador and Mia Kunto Arief Wibowo, CEO of Flona. Mia hoped that this was going to be a sustainable event, as Flona has previously collaborated with Ecuagenera.

Gigi Portilla, an assistant manager and a family member of the family-owned company Ecuagenera said in her welcoming speech that their company is not all about business but they truly want to help conserve nature due to so many dead forests in Ecuador. Meanwhile, his cousin Gorge Portilla hoped that this event opened a way for the plants to be accessible to more people.

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