Cosmas Gozali: A Growing Tree Philosophy Design for Rifyo Design Quarter


An award-winning architect with over 20 years of experience under his belt, Cosmas D. Gozali holds a degree from the Vienna University of Technology in Austria. In 1992, he founded his eponymous architecture firm, Atelier Cosmas Gozali. A member of the Indonesian Architects Association (IAI) Jakarta and a curator of the Jakarta Architectural Festival exhibition, Cosmas is also known as a speaker at national and international seminars.

What was the brief from the owners for the Rifyo Design Quarter?
Coming from backgrounds in the furniture industry, the owners’ directive was simple: create a showroom that not only exhibits a wide range of branded furniture items but also serves as a space to unite designers and their clients.

The building boasts a contemporary aesthetic. What was the underlying concept?
My inspiration for this project came from the furniture itself, predominantly designed with elements of wood. It’s an element sourced from trees. And we know that trees symbolise growth. This concept of growing trees became the cornerstone of the showroom’s design.

How does the Kemang location support this innovative showroom design?
Kemang boasts vibrant and youthful ambiance, which has influenced our design. You can feel the constant energy of people moving and business growing. The neighbourhood is another thing, inspiring us to craft a contemporary and futuristic structure. The façade resembles a tree with lush foliage, reflecting the essence of a growing tree’s philosophy.

Could you briefly tell us about the concept?

The building creates an element of surprise. First, you will be amazed by the building façade, which looks different from the surrounding area and uses weather-resistant wood as its material. Then, clumps of leaves provide shadow, leading to energy reduction in the building. Wood can also function as a heat retainer, enhancing sustainability.

What impression do you intend to leave on showroom visitors?
Upon entering, you will see the staircase arrangement notably stands out. Like veins, you can see that the staircases are placed irregularly from all directions. Why? To evoke the sense of a growing tree. The design emphasises upward growth, instilling a sense of energy, mirroring the hope for business expansion. The interior maintains simplicity to ensure the displayed objects take centre stage.

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