Nicholas and Michelle Shang: Creating A Well-Designed MOIE Nest


The power couple who share the passion for excellent design and are the directors of the well- known MOIE, Nicholas and Michelle are now venturing into the property business through MOIELAND Global Property. The stunning MOIE Nest by Alex Bayusaputro is their first project.

Why is MOIE expanding into a MOIELAND Global Property?
As we step into the 28th year of our establishment, we believe it is an important step to go beyond providing top-tier furnishings and to elevate the essence of luxury living. This means focusing on the complete living experience by offering the whole house and everything in it.

What concept are you offering by building MOIE Nest?

The design is inspired by a modern resort, with comfort as a priority.

Does the term ‘nest’ have any significant meaning to the house? Or is the name connected to the design?
Yes, in today’s ever-moving world, there is a growing demand for instant solutions. However, many instant or pre-made products lack quality. This is the value proposition of MOIE Nest. With our experienced eye for quality and detail, we aim to create homes that are not only well-designed but also well-built. Every detail is crafted to last, including those you don’t see.

Just like a beautiful nest built with care by the mother bird for her future generations, we envision this project as a starter home for our clients’ new generations. They might be busy professionals with no time to oversee a new house’s construction or parents preparing for their children’s future families.

That’s why we believe this house is an excellent investment for
a busy business person. Time is a resource we cannot replenish. By taking on the task of creating the best living space, we enable our clients to use their time for more significant achievements.

Could you tell us briefly about the process of finding the location to build this MOIE Nest?
We researched the location, considering factors such as the commuting distance for our target market, their lifestyle, and the site’s strategic proximity to everyday needs.

Why did you decide to work with Alex Bayusaputro?

Alex Bayusaputro from Genius Loci Asia has good taste when it comes to the modern, contemporary residential designs for the market we are targeting. MOIE has been providing furnishings in GL projects for years, so we know his team is professional, and we both see eye-to-eye when it comes to the standard of quality we deliver to our clients.

Do you have a preference for the kind of buyer who would appreciate this house?
We do not limit the market. We believe the house will attract anyone who appreciates the time and quality we have put into the house. This is perhaps the market’s first ultra-luxury turnkey house, built with top-quality specifications and fully furnished by the world’s best furniture brands. We will evaluate the market response, and if it’s ready for this level of project, we’ll consider launching the next one soon.

What is the plan for MOIELAND Global Property?

This house may be the pilot project of our development company, but we built it with passion. The future is endless, and our vision is to open our imagination to great design continually. Each project may have a different style, but the core principle remains the same: it will be built to last.

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