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Studio DeZign, an architecture and interior design consultant firm with over 25 years of experience, is spearheaded by architects Gunawan Susantyo and T. Mariza. Their portfolio primarily includes private residential and office projects in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. In their WB House project, Studio DeZign proves once again that putting forward comfort and functionality for the client is one of the recipes for a high-quality luxurious design.

What was a specific request from the homeowners?
The homeowners had a specific request: they aimed for a spacious appearance whilst retaining a cosy ambiance. The void in the living room, which is two-storey high, helps to achieve that grandiosity. The house looks bigger than it actually is.

When envisioning the interior design, what emotions did you strive
to evoke, especially for the homeowners upon entering the house?
When conceptualising a house, I envision it as my own, emphasising comfort in every nook. Unlike spaces that may feel unwelcoming despite ornate decoration, I aim for a timeless feel, employing natural hues like beige, grey, green, and white. These colours are drawn from natural elements like plants and stone. These tones, while neutral, allow for accent colours, steering away from overwhelming visual elements. If everything stands out, nothing remains special.

The home office

Which part of the house is the most challenging to design and build?
The part that’s most challenging and exciting at the same time for me is the living room. The reason is because it has a very high ceiling. And the one that gives me the most headache is the wall behind the TV. The proportion is very modern, so it’s difficult to apply classic style to it because it’s asymmetrical. We couldn’t cover the whole space with a wall to make it symmetrical because that would block the view to and from the children’s rooms. So, the solution was retaining the asymmetry and incorporating a wall panel with a simple classic profile.

What advice would you offer in creating a beautiful and high-quality home interior?
Creating a stunning home whilst adhering to the design involves a crucial step for homeowners: trusting the designer and architect. Normally the owner would have seen the designer’s portfolio, so they should know what to expect. Then, the hired designer would interview the owners about their habits, likings and everything, before coming up with any design. Once finalised, I recommend minimising alterations as the design undergoes extensive thought and consideration. In this project, I appreciated the trust our clients placed in us, allowing the process to unfold seamlessly.

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