Decor Items and Accents That Can Make a Big Impact at Home


After a subdued Lebaran last year, this year’s Lebaran is looking more cheerful despite the nationwide mudik (travel) band. Apart from celebrating the end of Ramadhan and the beginning of a month-long feasting celebrations, dwellers are also beginning to spruce up their homes to add some Lebaran cheer.

While it’s hard to resist the temptation of a full-blown makeover with new paint, furniture and the full nine yards, there are other ways to update your interior without top-to-bottom upgrade. Adding fresh decorative items and accents to your home is quick way to liven up your interior. It’s amazing how these home accessories can make a huge impact in a room.

Explore our curated list and simple tips to get those ideas flowing.

Update your wall décor

Hang a large mirror or a few small ones or a piece of artwork from local artists for that instant style.

Light it up

Brighten up your home with statement lighting or just simply a one-of-a-kind table lamp.

Display your collections

Style your shelves, sideboard or coffee table with artisanal vases, glassware and other personal collectibles.

Dress up your table

Enhance the visual allure of your dining room and elevate your table settings with new and charming table linens.

Mix and match cushions

Invest in a good quality cushion inserts and swap over the covers for an instant room refresh.

Statement rug

A rug can anchor a room, define it, add warmth and help layer a room’s décor. Rugs and cushions should complement each other.

Stylish serveware

Food and drinks just tastes better with these stunning collection.

Change your doorknobs

Doorknobs from Maharani Craft

Adding something unexpected and special is a great way to make an everyday function a lot more appealing.

Add some greens

Plant from @shopwithsky

Decorating with houseplants adds greenery and freshness to your space.

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