Design Trends – An Interview with Andi Rahmat


Founder of Nusae

Good Design Award 2022 for City Branding

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Indonesian Architect Week in Rio 2021

What kinds of graphic or branding design request did you receive from clients in the pandemic?
At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 there was a pause in our F&B and property industry projects. our clients needed to evaluate what they needed to do because it was something that they had never thought of before, obviously. Then slowly things started to pick up again. Clients contacted us mostly for visual identity and branding, signage and visuals for hybrid (online and offline) exhibitions.

What kind of graphic design do you think will be trending in the near future?
We don’t think about trends in any of our projects. We focus on context, content and designs that are functional and aesthetic, which will meet the needs of the project. The pandemic showed that Indonesian people are now more aware of hygiene and order. It also pushed us as designers to appreciate and care more about the environment.

How does Nusae approach trends?

Since we don’t think about trends, we focus more on the harmonisation in design. That way, we believe we can give solutions that are needed in every project.

Collaboration with Yori Antar at Berburu Berguru
Andi Rahmat

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